Acronyms Meaning /
T Transport
T&TE Tools and Test Equipment
T-Series Terminal Equipment and Transmission for Facsimile Services ITU-T recommendation
TA Target Architecture
TA Terminal Adapter ITU-T I-Series recommendations
TA Transport Area
TAA tactical assembly area
TAASO terminal area ADP staff officer
TACA Tactical Air Activity
TACE Type A Cost Estimate
TACOM Tactical Command
TACON Tactical Control
TACP Tactical Air Control Party
TACS Tactical Air Control System
TACS theatre air control squadron Ex Strong Resolve 95
TAD tactical air directive
TADIL Tactical Data Information Link
TADOC tactical air defence operation centre
TADPOLE tactical crypto equipment for land, maritime and air forces
TAFICS Turkish Armed Forces Integrated Communication System
TAIS target architecture and implementation strategy
TAO Transfer of Authority
TAOC Transportable Air Operations Centre CP 9B3020
TAOC tactical air operations centre
TAR tactical air reconnaisance
TAR Terminal Area Radar
TARE Telegraph Automatic Relay Equipment
TARFLAD tactical radio relay frequency planning document
TARIN tactical air request / information network
TARM tactical anti-radiation missile
TARN tactical air request net
TAS training access switch
TAS True Airspeed
TASM tactical air-to-surface missile
TASMO Tactical Air Support of Maritime Operations
TASS tactical automated switching system
TAT tactical air transport
TAV Target Architecture Version
TBCE Type B Cost Estimate
TBD To Be Defined/Determined
TBM Tactical Ballistic Missile
TBM tactical ballistic missile
TBMF Tactical Battle Management Functions
TC task coordinator STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
TC Transaction Capabilities
TCA Time Critical Application
TCAS Trafic Alert and Collision Avoidance System
TCB trusted computer base
TCB Trusted Computing Base
TCCE Type C Cost Estimate
TCDS TCF and Circuit Database System
TCF Technical Control Facility
TCG technical coordination group STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
TCIS technical common interoperability standard
TCN Troop Contributing Nation
TCP Transmission Control Protocol IETF
TCP/IP TCP / Internet Protocol IETF
TCS traffic content security
TCS Trusted Communications Sublayer
TCSEC NATO trusted computer systems evaluation criteria
TDA Tactical Decision Aid
TDG tactical data generator STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
TDI trusted database interpretation
TDHS Tactical Data Handling System
TDM Time Division Multiplexer STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
TDMA Time-division Multiple-Access
TDP Technical Data Package
TDS Technical Data System
TDS temporary dgradation of service
TDS Test and Development Sector
TDX terminal data exchange
TDY temporary duty
TE Terminal Equipment
TE Test Edition
TEK traffic encryption key
TEMPEST temporary emanation and spurious transmission ADatP-2
TF Task Force
TFA Traffic Flow Analysis
TFA transparent file access
TFC tactical fusion centre
TFS Traffic Flow Security
TG Task Group
TGTS Target Information System
THN Territorial Host Nation
TID Touch Input Device
TIDHS tactical intelligence data handling system
TIES technical information exchange service
TIFF ACE ACCIS core cap specs
TIP transition implementation plan NRC/3-N(95)66
TIS Tactical Informatio system
TIS temporary interruption of service
TIS Traffic Information Service
TIS trusted information system
TISFASS target information and force allocation support system
TL Transport Layer
TLCA top level certification authority AC/317-N/846
TLDD Top Level Detailed Design
TLE Treaty Limited Equipment
TLN transportable local network
TLO telecommunications liaison officer
TLSP transport layer security protocol
TLSP Truck loading station
TM technical memorandum
TM Transmission Media
TMA Terminal Area
TMAT transition management advisory team NRC/3-N(95)55
TMD Theatre Missile Defence
TMEG trusted MLS e-mail guard
TMG Technical Management Group (FR,GE,IT,UK)
TMMS Target Mission Report (MISREP) Monitoring System
TMN telecommunications management network
TMRR Temporary Minimum Risk Route
TMT technical management team
TN technical note
TN Telephone Network
TNBSVT Tactical Narrow-Band Secure Voice Terminal
TNF Theatre Nuclear Forces
TNFC2 TNF Command and Control
TNI trusted network interpretation
TO&E Table of Organization and Equipment
TOA time of arrival
TOA Transfer Of Authority
TOC tactical operation centre
ToI Transponder of Interest
TOP Technical and Office Protocol
TOR Terms Of Reference
TOSCA Tote System Computer Assisted
TOT time over target
TP Transaction Processing
TP Transport Protocol IETF
TPB test patch board
TPC Technology Planning Center
TPN tactical packet network
TPSS Target Prioritisation and Selection
TPT Transition Planning Team ADSIA(ADP)-C-007-96
TR Technical Report
TRACSVAN transportable RADAR and communications jammer and simulation van MEWSG
TRANSEC TRANsmission SECurity
TRD technical requirement document
TREE Transient Radiation Effects on Electronics
TRM transmission resource management
TROL tapeless rotor less on line crypto
TRS Total Requirement Statement
TS Training Section
TS Transport Service
TSAP Transport Service Access Point
TSCTR Transportable SCTR AC/317/SEC/95/47
TSGAO Tri-NMCs Steering Group on Air Operations
TSGCE Tri-service group on communications and electronics Functions assumed by NC3B
TSGT Transportable Satellite Ground Terminal
TSGTS transportable satellite ground terminal station AC/317(WG/1)(SG/2)N/183
TSIU time slot interface unit
TSMP technical supervisory and maintenance position
TSMS Tactical Spectrum Management System
TSP telecommunications service priority
TSP Tornado Self-Protection Jammer
TSV transmission security violation
TTBT Threshold Test Ban Treaty 1974
TTCN Tree and Tabular Combined Notation
TTM Tactical Target Materials
TTW Transition To War
TTW time of tension or war
TTX Teletex Terminal
TTY Teletype
TUL TARE User List
TUP Telephone User Part
TVI Time Validity Interval
TWE Threat Warning Equipment
TWG Transition Working Group
TWS Technical Watch Supervisor
TCAS traffic alert and collision avoidance system NASA
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