Acronyms Meaning /
JACC joint area control centre
JAPIC joint allied public information centre
JASMIN Joint analysis system for military intelligence GE intelligence information system of FAFIO
JASMIN joint armed services military intelligence network
JBIG joint bi-level image experts group
JC3RCC joint C3 requirements and concepts committee
JCC joint commanders conference
JCC joint coordination centre
JCEB joint communications electronic board
JCIC joint counter intelligence cell
JCOC joint command and operations centre
JDISS joint defence int system LOCE, US BICES
JEG joint expert group
JETS jammer equipment techniques simulator
JFAI joint final acceptance inspection
JFAI joint formal acceptance inspection
JIC joint intelligence centre
JIEO joint interoperability and engineering organisation
JIWC joint indicator and warning cell
JLV joint likelihood vector
JMAPS GOTS joint message processing system US DOD
JMC joint medical committee PB&Cs
JMCC joint movement coordination cell
JMDC joint message distribution cell
JMEMS Joint Munitions Effects Manual System
JMG joint management group
JOC joint operations centre
JOCS Joint Operations Coordination System
JOSA joint staff agreement
JOTS joint operational tactical system Ex Strong Resolve 95 / Navy
JPCC joint petroleum coordination cell
JPEG joint photographic experts group
JPFP joint project evaluation panel
JPI joint public information
JPL jet propulsion laboratory
JRSC jamming resistent secure communications
JSC joint spectrum centre
JSMS joint spectrum management system
JSSA joint source selection authority
JSSI joint safety and security inspection
JSTARS joint surveillance and target attack radar system sensor input for LOCE
JTC joint technical committee
JTC joint transport company
JTC3A joint tactical command, control and comm. agency
JTF joint tactical fusion LOCE
JTIDS joint tactical information distribution system
JTLS joint theatre level simulation
JTM job transfer and manipulation
JTPG joint training planning group
JWFC CP 5A0008
JWG joint working group
JWID Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration
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