Acronyms Meaning /
G-A-G ground - air - ground
GA general alert
GA goal architecture study
GA ground attack
GAF German air force
GAFACS German air force automatic communication system AutoFüFmNLw
GAFDIN German air force digital net
GAFTAC German air force tactical command
GAME GEADGE/ADKAR message exchange
GAN global area network
GAS goal architecture study C3 master plan
GAT general air traffic
GBS global broadcast system AC/317-N/840
GBS Global Broadcats System
GDLP ground data link processor
GDM Group on Defense Matter
GDMI generic definition of management information
GDMO guidelines for the definition of managed objects
GDP general defense plan
GDSS global decision support system
GE ground environment
GE Guerre Electronique
GEADGE German air defense ground environment
GEHOC German HAWK operation centre
GEIP Groupe Europeen Independant de Programmes
GEK Geräteentsorgungskonzept
GENESIS general purpose CIS UK electronic mail and telefax
GEOSYS geographic and mapping system
GEP group employment plan
GFE government furnished equipment
GFIM Groupe de Forces Interarmees Multinationales
GICB ground initiated comm-B Data Protocol for Mode S
GID Generic Indicator Directories
GIS Geographic Information System ACE ACCIS Core cap specs
GKS Graphical Kernel System
GLCM Ground Launched Cruise Missile
GM General Manager
GMDSS Global Maritime Distress Safety System
GMF ground mobile forces
GMI generic management information
GNMP government network management profile
GNR general nuclear response
GNSS global navigation satellite system
GOB Ground Order of Battle
GoS Grade of Service
GOS grade of service
GOSIP governmental open systems interconnection profile
GOTS government off-the-shelf (software)
GPA group provisonal acceptance
GPP general purpose processor
GPPS general purpose packet switching
GPS general purpose segment AC/317/SEC/95/47
GPS global positioning system
GPTN general purpose telecommunication network UK
GPTS general purpose telecommunication system
GROBAT ground order of battle
GSDS ground situation display system
GSE Global Security Environment
GSFG group of soviet forces in Germany
GSM global system for mobile communications
GSM ground station module
GSM group special mobile STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
GSO group of senior officials
GSSE ground specific converter/formatter
GSTN general switched telephone network
GTN global transport network
GTNC German territorial northern command
GTSC German territorial southern command
GUI Graphic User Interface
GUI graphical user interface
GUTM geodetic universal transmercator conversion
GW gateway
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