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L Layer
L&R logistics and resources division
LA Legal Advicer
LACS LANDCENT Area Communications System
LAFPLAD land forces planning document
LAM line access module
LAN local area network
LANDCENT Land Forces Central Europe
LANL Los Alamos national laboratory
LAP line access protocol
LAP B Link Access Procedures, Version B
LAP D Link Access Procedures, Version D
LAPB link access protocol B
LAS Local Area Subsystem
LBU land based user
LCC Life Cycle Cost
LCC logistic coordination centre
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LCE Latest Cost Estimate
LCF life cycle framework consultancy work on life cycles
LCM life cycle model consultancy work on life cycles
LCO local control organization OCO
LCP Leased Circuit Programme
LCPM life cycle process model consultancy work on life cycles
LCZ land combat zone
LD Lateral Dispersal
LDR low data rate
LEB link expansion box
LEWWG land EW working group
LH Line Hunting
LISA link message standard in support of ACCS
LIU line indicator unit
LIVE OAK SATCOM between SHAPE and Berlin
LIZ Lage- und Informationszentrum
LLC Logical Link Control
LLP leased long line programme
LLP link layer protocol STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
LLRS low level radar surveillance
LLTR Low Level Transit Route
LMC limited management centre
LME Local Management Equipment
LMI logistics management institute weekly minutes 6-12-95
LOA Letter of Acceptance
LOB Logistics Order of Battle
LOC limited operational capability ACE ACCIS core cap specs
LOC lines of communication
LOC logistics operations cell
LOCE Limited Operational Capability Europe
LOCE Linked Operations Center Europe
LOCE linked ops-intel centres Europe Ex Strong Resolve 95
LOCSTAT Lines of Communication Status
LOH Light Observation Helicopter
LOI Letter of Instruction
LOI letter of intent
LORAD Long Range Air Defense
LORAN long range air navigation
LOS line of sight
LOTOS Language Of Temporal Ordering of Specification
LPC linear predictive code
LPI Low Probability of Intercept
LRCC logistic readiness coordination centre
LRNZ Luftraumnutzungszentrale
LRO Luftraumordnung
LRR Long Range Radar
LRRP long-range recce patrol
LRU Lowest Replaceable Unit
LS Local Subscriber
LSB Least Significant Bit
LSC logistic support command
LSC Logistic Support Concept
LSD large screen display
LSDT low speed data terminal
LSE Local Security Environment
LSE logistic staff element
LSOF Land Status of Forces (User Function)
LSP Local Sytem Process
LSP logistics support plan
LTDP long-term defense programme
LTDP Long Term Defense Plan ATCCIS Config Management Plan
LTFF long-term financial forecast
LTFP long-term finacial planning
LTIP Long Term Infrastructure Plan
LTPA long-term planning area
LTPG long-term planning guideline
LTR Long Term Requirement
LTSS long term scientific study CAX
LTU light terminating unit
LTU Line Terminator Unit
LVA Large Vertical Array
LWG land working group ATCA database
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