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E3 end-to-end encryption
E3A EWAC airplane
EA evolutionary acquisition
EAD extended air defense
EAM emergency action message
EANPG European air navigation planning group
EASE EIFEL automated support element
EASEE European aerospace and defense systems engineering environment consultancy work on life cycle
EASIE enhanched air traffic managem. and mode S implementation in Europe
EATCHIP European ATC harmonization and intergration project
EATMS European air traffic management system
EAU emergency action unit AVCN=EAU+EWDT+EWVX+SCARS
EBC Evolutionary BICES Capabilities
EBC evolutionary BICES capability
EBCDIC extended binary coded decimal interchange code
EBD enhanced Bright Dawn
EC European community
EC evaluation centre early warning installation
EC event criterion
ECAC electromagnetic compatibility analysis centre
ECAC European civil aviation conference
ECCM electronic counter-counter measures
ECF essential command function
ECHO evolutionary capability for HQ operations
ECM electronic counter measure
ECMA European computer manufacturers association
ECO emergency communications overlay
ECONC economic committee
ECP deployable systems elements
Ed edition
ED electronic deception
ED existencial dependency data management
EDAR estimated date of authorisation request
EDC effective date of contract
EDC error detection and correction
EDC estimated date of completion
EDC estimated date of completion
EDD electronic data display
EDDS European data distribution system
EDI electronic data interchange
EDIFACT EDI for admin, commerce and transp.
EDIM electronic data interchange message
EDIMS electronic data interchange message system
EDIP European defense improvement programme
EDO ACE ACCIS core cap specs
EDP emergency defence plan
EDR entry date record
EDS estimated time of start
EDSL executive display system limited
EDSS1 European Digital Subscriber Signaling System 1
EDX electronic data exchange
EE emergency establishment
EE European economy
EEC European economic community
EECF emergency essential command function
EEDB E3A emitters data base
EEFI essential element of friendly information
EEI external environment interface AC/317(WG/2)WP/94
EF enemy forces
EFA European fighter aircraft
EFC emergency frequency cell
EGC expert group on communications
EGP exterior gateway protocol
EHF extra high frequency STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
EHF extremely high frequencies APD 04.05.03 (95)04
EIDE ACE ACCIS core cap specs
EIRP effective isotropic radiated power APD 04.05.03 (95)04
EIRP equivalent isotropic radiated power PIRE
EIS Electronic Information System
EISA Extended Industry Standard Architecture
EKD electronic key distribution
EKDS electronic key distribution system
EKMC extended key mission component
EKMS electronic key management system
EKONET experimental communication network (GE) STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
ELINT electronic intelligence
ELM extended length message
ELOS extended line of sight STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
EMB executive management board
EMC electromagnetic compatibility
EMCON emission control
EMI electromagnetic interference
EMI Etat-Major Militaire International
EMIDS electronic message intelligence distribution system
EMP electromagnetic pulse
EMPP electromagnetic pulse protection AC/317/SEC/95/47
EMV elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit
ENTG EURO NATO training group
EO electro-optic
EOB Electronic Order of Battle
EOC early operating capability
EOCCM electro-optical counter-counter measure
EOW electronic order wire
EOW engineering order wire satellite communication
EPHOS European procurement handbook for open systems
EPIS evolutionary procurement of information system
EPL evaluated product list
EPLC electronically programmable logic component
EPLD electronically programmable logic device
EPM electronic protection measures APD 04.05.03 (95)04
EPM electronic protective measure
EPMB EASIE programme management board
EPMS BiMNC exercise policy and mix study CP 5A0008
EPO embryonic project office
EPR exploitation privee reconnue
EPS embryonic project structure AGS core capability
ERA entity - relationship - attitude
ERCS ECM resistant communication system
EROE electronic rule of engegement
ERP effective radiated power
ES end system
ESA European Satellite Agency
ESCS Engineering Service Channel System
ESD electronic systems division
ESDI European strategic defence identity
ESE Electronic Security Environment
ESG executive steering group
ESG exercise steering group CIS-ESG
ESI extremely sensitive information
ESM electronic support measure
ESOF east spacecraft operations facility satellite communication
ESOF enhanced satellite operating facility weekly minutes 6-12-95
ESOF enhanced satellite operations facility APD 04.05.03 (95)04
ESP early service provision
ESR emergency Sun re-acquisition APD 04.05.03 (95)04
ESS EBC Server Subsystem
ESS Entity Segment Specifications
ESS equipment set specifications
ESS 1 European Signalling System Number 1
ESTELLE formal description technique based on extended stat transition model
ETA estimated time of arrival
ETD estimated time of departure
ETESEC end-to-end security
ETS European telephone system
ETSI European telecommunications standardization institute
EUDAC European Distribution and Accounting Agency MC 108/5
EUIDAB EUCOM Intelligence Database
EURET European research in transport
EUROCOM European communications standard
EUS EBC User Subsystem
EUSEC European communications security and evaluation agency MC 108/5
EUTELSAT European telecommunications satellite APD 04.05.03 (95)04
EW early warning
EW electronic warfare APD 04.05.03 (95)04
EWCC electronic warfare coordination cell AC/317(WG/1)N/642
EWDT early warning data terminal AVCN=EAU+EWDT+EWVX+SCARS
EWF electronic warfare
EWIR reel emitter data base furnished with F-16
EWMS EW mutual support
EWOS European workshop for open systems
EWPD EATCHIP work programme document
EWRC EW review committee
EWVX early warning voice transmission system AVCN=EAU+EWDT+EWVX+SCARS
EXA assistent executive secretary for administration
EXCIMS executive committee for modelling and simulation
EXM assistent executive secretary for management
EXS executive secretary
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