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D document
D&E demonstration and evaluation programme
D/L down link APD 04.05.03 (95)04
D-CAS digital channel associated signalling
DA data administration
DA Data Administrator
DAA deployment assembly area
DAB Dortmunder Aktien Brauerei
DAC demodulator access controller
DAC deployable ACCS component
DAC discretionary access control
DACAN distribution and accounting agency MC 108/5
DAD demonstration architecture document STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
DAD draft addendum
DAMA demand assigned multiple access satellite communication
DAMA demend assignment multiple access STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
DAN depenses administratives nationales
DAO Data Administration Organization ADSIA(ADP)-C-007-96
DAO duty alerting officer
DAP date achevement prevue
DAP directory access protocol
DARPA defense advanced research projects agancy
DAT Digital Audio Tape
Datex data exchange
Datex-J data exchange für Jedermann
DBA Database Administrator
DBIWG database intelligence working group
DBMS data base management system
DCA defence communications agency
DCA defensive counter air
DCA dual capable A/C
DCAOC deployable combined air operation centre
DCC domain control centre
DCDM digitally controlled delta modulation
DCE data circuit equipment CCITT
DCL description control language
DCO duty communications officer
DCOS deputy chief of staff
DCP deployable command post
DCS defence communications system US comm in Europe
DCTS data communication terminal system
DCW Digital Chart of the World
DD draft document
DDA domain-defined attribute
DDC data display console
DDF digital distribution frame
DDG deputy director general
DDI developing defence industries
DDI Direct Dialing In
DDL data definition language
DDL digital data link
DDN data directory number
DDN defence data network US DOD
DDN digital data network
DEB digital European backbone
DEC data exchange channel
DEC derniere estimation de cout
DEC Digital Equipment Corporation
DECT digital European cordless communications
DEE digital encryption equipment
DEFS data encryption file system ACE ACCIS core cap specs
DEKMS DACAN electronic key management system
DEL direct exchange line
DEP data exchange and processing
DERA defense evaluation and research agency UK
DERD Darstellung extrahierter Radar-Daten
DES data encryption standard
DF direction finding
DF distribution frame
DFC deputy financial controller
DFD data fusion demonstrator
DFTS defense fixed telecommunication system UK mil infra network
DG defence guidance
DG director general
DG duty general
DGIS digital graphic information service ACE ACCIS core cap specs
DGNSS differntial global navigation satellite system
DH dataflsh header
DHD domain help desk
DHDS data handling and display system
DHRX digital hypothetical reference connection
DHS document handling system
DIA defence intelligence agency US project for DDN integration
DID Direct Inawrd Dialling
DIDS distribute intrusion detection system
DIGEST digital geographic information exchange standard
DIIS dedicated intelligence information system
DILCS dedicated intelligence loop circuit system
DIR Demonstration Issue Report
DIR directorate
DIR directory
DIS defense information system life cycle methodology
DIS distributed interactive simulation
DIS draft international standard ISO
DISA defense information systems agency
DISBEE digital intermediate speed bulk encryption equipment
DISNET defence integrated secure network
DISTAFF directing staff
DISTEL digitales Info-System für taktische Einsatzzentralen der Luftwaffe
DIT directory information tree
DITSN digital Italian Tri-Service network
DL data link
DLCP data link change proposal
DLCU data link control unit
DLE defeat the lead echelon
DLP data link procedure
DLP data link protocol
DLS data link service
DLT data link terminal
DLWG data link working group
DM data management
DMA Defence Mapping Agency
DMA direct memory access
DME distance measuring equipment
DME distributed management environment
DML data manipulation language
DMP data multi-processor mode S
DMS defence management system US project for DDN integration
DMS defence message system AC/317-N/833
DNA Defence Nuclear Agency
DNI Digital NATO Interface
DNS Direct NICS Subscriber NACISA/APD/04.07.00(95)001
DNS domain name server STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
DNS dynamic name service Ex Strong Resolve 95
DNSP draft NATO standardised profile
DOB dispersed operating base
DOBS DISTAFF order of battle system
DOD department of defense
DOI department of industry
DOL deployed operations location APD 04.05.03 (95)04
DOL dispersed operating location
DOLCE Digital On-line Crypto Equipment
DOP director of operations
DoS Denial of Service
DOS director of support
DP draft proposal
DPA Dayton peace agreement
DPC Defense Planning Council APD 04.05.03 (95)04
DPDA date prevue de demande d'autorisation EDAR
DPDS data processing distribution system
DPNSS Digital Private Network Signalling System
DPP defence planning and policy division NATO IS division
DPQ defense planning questionnaire
DPSK differential phase shift keyed
DQDB distributed queue dual bus
DRA defense research agency UK
DRAS DFS reply analysis system
DRC Defence Review Committee
DRG defence research group
DRR Defense Requirements Review
DRS draft requirement statement
DS decision sheet
DS Defense Support Division NATO IS division
DS directory services
DSA defense shipping agency
DSA directory service agent AC/317-N/846
DSA directory system agent AC/317-N/846
DSATS Digital SHAPE Area Transmission System
DSCS Defense Satellite Communications System (US) STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
DSE Data Switching Equipment
DSF depoyed SHED facility
DSN Defense Switched Network
DSN digital switched network
DSP directory system protocol
DSP domain specific part
DSS data server system
DSS digital signature standard
DSSS direct sequence spread spectrum
DSSSL document style semantics and specification language
DST decision support tools
DTA division technical advisor
DTBR down time before repair ACE ACCIS core cap specs
DTC department of trade and commerce
DTD data transfer device
DTD document type definition ACE ACCIS core cap specs
DTE data terminal equipment
DTE data terminating equipment CCITT
DTED digital terrain evaluation data ACE ACCIS core cap specs
DTL Daily Target List
DTMP data comm. protocol standards technical managem. panel
DTR draft technical report
DTS data terminal set
DU dial up
DUA directory user agent
DUSS data unit specific software
DÜV Datenübertragungs- und -vermittlungssystem
DVITS digital video image transmission system
DWS distributed wargaming system
DXS digital cross-connect
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