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N Notice (Working Paper)
NAAG NATO Army Armaments Group
NABS NATO air base SATCOM US mobile satellite terminal
NABS NATO air base satellite system AC/317(WG/1)N/606
NAC North Atlantic Council
NACC NACISA aviation control cell
NACC North Atlantic cooperation council
NACCIS North Atlantic Command & Control Information System
NACISA NATO CIS Agency Subsumed within NC3A
NACISC NATO Communications and Information Systems Committee Responsibilities assumed by NC3B
NACISO NATO CIS organisation
NACMA NATO ACCS management agency
NACMO NATO ACCS management organization
NACOSA NATO CIS Operating and Support Agency
NACSI NATO advisory committee on special intelligence
NAD national armaments director
NADC NATO air defence committee
NADDO NATO design and development objective
NADEEC NATO air defence electronic environment committee
NADGE NATO air defence ground environment
NADI national disengagement intention
NADREP national armament director representative
NADS North Atlantic defence system
NAE National Adminstrative Expense
NAEGIS NATO AEW Ground Environment Integration Segment
NAEW NATO airborne early warning AC/259(SURV)N/21
NAEW&C NATO airborne early warning and control system AC/317-N/798
NAEWF NATO Airborne Early Warning Force
NAFAG NATO air force armaments group
NAFIN Netherland armed forces integrated network
NAFIN Netherlands Armed Forces Integrated Network
NAIS Norwegian Aeronautical Information System
NALLA National Allied Long Lines Agency
NALS national logistic support
NAMILCOM North Atlantic Military Committee
NAMMO NATO multi-role combat aircraft development and production management office
NAMP NATO annual manpower plan
NAMSA NATO Maintenance and Supply Agency
NAMSO NATO maintenance and supply organization
NANNAS NATO net-number assignment system
NAPMA NATO AEW&C Programme Management Agency
NAPMA NATO AWAC progamme management agency
NAPMO NAEW&C programme management organization AC/317-N/798
NAPO NATO production objective
NAPR NATO armaments planning review
NAS network access system
NAS Network Administration System
NASEWP NATO SATCOM enhancement working parts
NASIP NAEW System Improvement Plan
NASIS NATO subject indicator sytem
NASNET NATO switched network
NATEX national expert
NATINAD NATO Integrated Air Defence
NATINADS NATO integrated air defence system
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NATOCLIP NATO commanders long term infrastructure plan AC/317-N/798
NATOCLIP NATO Commanders' Listing of Infrasructure Projects
NATS National Air Traffic Services
NB maval base
NBC Nuclear, Biological and Chemical
NBDS narrow band digital system
NBS NATO Base Standard
NBSV narrow band secure voice STC TN-006
NBSVE narrow band secure voice equipment
NBSVS narrow band secure voice system NACISA/APD/04.07.00(95)001
NC NATO confidential
NC3-PCO NATO Consultation, Command and Control (C3) - Planning Coordination Office
NC3-PSG NATO C3 - Planning Steering Group
NC3A NATO C3 Agency
NC3B NATO C3 Board
NC3CO NATO C3 coordination office
NC3MP NATO C3 Master Plan To be replaced by NATO C3 Improvement Plan
NC3O NATO C3 Organisation
NC3P-CMG NATO C3 Planning - Coordination Management Group
NC3R NATO C3 Restructuring Team
NC3REPs Group of National C3 REPresentatives
NC3RT NATO C3 Restructuring Team
NCAA National Civil Aviation Agency
NCAA NATO civil aviation agency
NCAB NATO civil aviation board
NCAIC national civil aviation information centre
NCAP NATO conventional armaments plan
NCB national competitive bidding
NCC national control centre
NCC Network Control Center
NCCAP NATO CIS contingency assets pool AC/317/SEC/94/19
NCCCS NATO C3 system
NCCDPC replaced by NACISC in 1987
NCCIS NATO Command and Control Information System
NCCP Nuclear Command & Control Procedure
NCDN NATO common user data transfer network
NCDS NATO common user data transfer system
NCEB replaced by NACISC in 1987
NCEP NATO Civil Emergency Planning
NCEPA NATO Civil Emergency Planning Authority
NCFI NATO common funded infrastructure
NCIR National CI Representative
NCIS NATO Common Interoperability Standards
NCIS NATO communication and information system
NCIS NATO Communications Interoperability Standards
NCISCMP NCIS configuration management plan
NCMB NATO CALS management board
NCN NATO common user network
NCN NATO communication network AC/317-N/560
NCN NATO core network
NCN-NTR NATO Communications Networks - Near Term Review
NCNI NATO Core Network Interface
NCP network control point
NCPA NATO civil peacetime agency
NCS NATO committee for standardisation
NCS NATO communications school
NCS NATO Core Switch
NCS naval combat system
NCS Naval Control of Shipping
NCS network control station STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
NCS Network Control System
NCSA national center for supercomputing applications ACE ACCIS core cap specs
NCSARS naval control of shipping automated routing system
NCSC national computer security centre
NCTI Non Co-operative Target Identification
NCWA NATO Civil Wartime Agency NCEP
NDA National Distribution Agency
NDA national distribution authority
NDA NATO data administration
NDA NATO data administrator
NDAC nuclear defence affairs committee
NDAG NATO Data Administration Group
NDAO NATO Data Administration Office
NDAP NATO data administration programme ADSIA(ADP)-C-007-96
NDC NATO defense college
NDDN NATO digital data network
NDDN Norwegian Defence Digital Network Ex Strong Resolve 95
NDI Nationality Identifier
NDI Non - developmental Items
NDIS network driver interface specifications
NDL Database Language
NDMA NATO Data Management Authority
NDMA NATO Directory Management Authority
NDMC NATO Defence Manpower Committee
NDMD NATO data management doctrine
NDMD NATO Directory Management Domain
NDMO NATO data management operations
NDMP NATO Defence Manpower Plan
NDN national data network
NDN National Defence Network
NDSN NATO digital switched network
NDSS NAMSA Depot Supply System
NDTMS NATO wide data and transport messaging service AC/317-N/841
NDTS NATO data transfer service
NEC Nothern European Command
NECCIP NEC communications improvement plan
NECS NATO emergency communications system
NEDB NATO emitter data base
NEDBAG NATO emitter data base advisory group
NEFMA NATO EFA developm., production & logistic managem. agency
NEMCA NATO electro-magnetic compatibility analysis
NEMR North East military region
NETBEUI Network BIOS Enhanced User Interface
NETBIOS Network Basic Input/Output System
NETF NATO expanded task force
NETMAX network management information exchange
NEWAC NATO electronic warfare advisory committee
NEWMAG NATO EW monitor and assessment group cancelled in 1989
NEWWG NATO electronic warfare working group
NFI NATO Format Identifier
NFS NATO forces structure
NFS NATO Furnished Sofware
NFS Network File System
NGCS NATO GPS Communication System
NGIFF New Generation IFF
NGTS NICS general technical specification
NHMO NATO HAWK management office
NHPLO NATO HAWK production and logistic organization
NIADS NATO integrated air defence system
NIAG NATO industrial advisory group
NIB NATO intelligence board
NIB non interference basis
NICS NATO Integrated Communication System
NICSMA NICS Management Agency Predecessor organisation of NACISA and NACOSA
NICSOI NICS Operation Instruction
NICT national information centre for transport
NID network inside dialling
NID network intrusion detection
NIDS NATO integrated data service
NIDS NATO integrated data system
NIDTS NATO initial common user data transfer service NACISA/APD/04.07.00(95)001
NIDTS NATO Initial Data Transfer Service
NIDTS NATO Integrated Digital Transmission System
NIES New Information Exchange System
NIF NATO Interoperability Framework NRC/3-N(96)1 Rev. 7.2.96
NIFS NATO Integrated Financial System
NIFTI NATO interoperability framework initiative weekly minutes 6-12-95
NIG NCN / IVSN Gateway
NIIS NATO interconnected information system
NILE NICS Improved Link 11 HF management maritime link
NILS Naval Information Link-up System
NILS Network Internal Layer Structure
NIMD NATO International Management Domain
NIMIC NATO intensive munitions information centre
NIMISS NATO Integral Maritime Intelligence Support System
NIMP NATO Interoperability Management Plan (Short-form)
NIP NADGE implementation plan
NIPD NATO interoperability planning document
NIS NATO Identification System
NIS NATO International Staff
NISA NATO ISDN Security Architecture
NISCO NATO Identification System Coordintion Office
NISEC NATO Identification System Employment Concept
NISEG NATO in-service goals
NISSIM NIS-Simulator
NIST national institute of standards and technology
NJCEC NATO joint communications and electronics board
NJFA NATO Joint Frequency Agreement
NJOTS Naval Joint Operations Tactical System
NL Network Layer
NLC national logistic command
NLO National Liaison Officer
NLSO NATO logistics support organisation
NLSP network layer security protocol
NM network management Ex Strong Resolve 95
NMA NATO Military Authority
NMAG NATO Naval Armaments Group
NMC Network Management Centre
NMCC Network Management and Control Centre
NMD NATO Management Domain
NMICC NATO maritime intelligence coordination centre
NMICCACS NATO Maritime Intelligence Coordination Centre Atlantic Computer System
NMIS NATO management information system
NMNP NATO master navigation plan
NMO network management office
NMOS NATO Maritime Op-Intel System
NMOS NATO Maritime Operation and Intelligence Support
NMPA NATO maritime patrol aircraft
NMR National Military Representative
NMR NATO military requirement
NMS NATO message system
NMT National Movement Team
NNCC NATO network control centre
NNCS NICS network control system
NNCS2 NATO Network Control System - Project 2
NNDB NICS network data base
NNG NATO/National Gateway
NNMT NATO national MMHS team AC/317-N/846
NNPS NATO nuclear planning system CP 5A0015
NNS non NICS subscriber
NOAPS NATO Oceanographic and Acoustic Prediction System
NOB NATO oil board
NOB Naval Order of Battle
NOC NATO operating centre
NOD network outside dialling
NODECA Norwegian Defense Communication Agency
NOIS NATO Operational Interoperabilty Standards
NOMAN NTTS operations and management
NOP nuclear operation plan
NORLANT Northern sub-area Atlantic
NOS NATO office of security AC/317-N/846
NOSA NATO open security architecture repl. by STANAG 4250-2
NOSA NATO Open Systems Architecture
NOSA NATO open systems security architecture
NOSA NATO OSI Security Architecture
NOSE NATO open systems environment NACISA/APD/04.07.00(95)001
NOSIP NATO open systems interconnection profile AC/302-D/700 rev
NOTS NATO Off-The-Shelf (software)
NP Network Protocol
NPC NATO Programming Center
NPDU network protocol data unit STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
NPG Nuclear Planning Group
NPICS NATO Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement
NPIS NATO Procedural Interoperability Standards
NPLO NATO Production and Logistic Organisation
NPM national project manager STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
NPRL NATO Profile Requirements List
NPS NATO precautionary system
NPS nuclear planning system
NPSC NATO project steering committee
NR NATO restricted
NRA NATO refugees agency
NRC naval reporting centre
NRL Naval Research Laboratory (US)
NRM NATO Reference Model
NRP NATO reference point
NRP NATO Registration Procedure
NRSG NATO rationalisation sub-group
NRSG Network Rationalisation Sub-Group
NRT near real time
NS NATO secret
NS Network Service
NSA National Security Agency (US)
NSA national shipping authority NCEPA
NSA NATO standardisation agency
NSAP Network Service Access Point
NSC NATO security committee
NSC network security centre
NSCC nuclear support coordination centre
NSD NATO Support Depot
NSD Network Service Division
NSIP NATO security investment programme
NSIS NATO standard interface specification
NSM nuclear strike message
NSMS NATO spectrum management system
NSO NATO Standardisation Office
NSP NATO standardization programme
NSP NATO Standardized Profile
NSP nuclear strike plan
NSPICS NATO ISO Standardized Profile Implementation Conformance Statement
NSR NATO staff requirement
NST NATO Staff Target
NSTN Naval Shore Telecommunication Network
NSU nodal switching unit
NSVN NATO secure voice equipment
NSWG NACSI special working group
NT Network Termination
NT Northern Telecom
NTC national terretorial command
NTCF NATO tactical fighter centre
NTDI NATO Target Data Inventory
NTDS naval tactical data transmission system STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
NTG NATO task group
NTIB NATO tactical intelligence broadcast
NTIS national technical information service
NTIS NATO Technical Interoperability Standards
NTISTS NATO technical interface standards transition strategy NACISA USD 23.01.00(93)01
NTM national technical manager STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
NTM network terminal modem
NTN national tactical network
NTN NATO transit network
NTPDS NATO transit packet data switching
NTTS NATO terrestrial transmission system STC TN-222
NU NATO unclassified
NUSS NATO universal security system
NWCN NATO-wide communication network
NWCS NATO-wide communications system
NWE Nuclear Weapons Effects
NWOO NATO wartime oil organisation
NWRP nuclear weapons release procedures
NWTI Nuclear Weapon Technical Inspection
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