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R relay
R&D Research and Development
RAA redeployment assembly area
RAAP Rapid Accelaration of Air Power
RAC Regional Air Commander
RACE RApid off-line Crypto Equipment
RACE research on advanced communications in Europe
RADAR RAdio Detection And Ranging
RADAT research and development in advanced telecommunications
RADNET RADAR Data Interchange Network (RADARdatennetzwerk)
RAFCSS RAF Command Support System
RAFFTS RAF fixed telecommunication system
RAILS relational analysis of interconnected linkages system
RAM Random Access Memory
RAM reliability, availability and maintainability
RAO rear area operation
RAOC regional air operations centre
RAP radio access point
RAP recognized air picture Ex Strong Resolve 95
RAP restricted access processor
RAPIDE relocatable army processors for intelligence data - Europe
RAPNET Regional ATS Packet Switched Network
RAPS RADAR Data Recording, Analysis and Playback System
RASP EUROCONTROL RADAR Application Specialist Panel
RASP Recognized Air and Surface Picture
RATT Radio Activated Teletype
RC required capability
RCC Rescue Control Center
RCCN reporting and control communications network part of NNCS
RCFEP RADAR Communication Front-End-Processor
RCMC regional communications management centre
RCP remote procedure call STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
RCP reserved circuit programme part of NICS
RCWG Replication Coordination Working Group
RDA Remote Data Accessor
RDA remote database access
RDBMS Relational Data Base Management System
RDCP RADAR Data Processing System
RDF radio direction-finding
RDN Relative Destinguished Name
RDPS RADAR Data Processing System
RDQC RADAR Data Quality Control
RDR RADAR Data Recording
REC Radio Electronic Combat
REC Reply Evaluation Criteria
RELLA regional long-line agency
REMD Radio Encryption and Multiplex Device
REMP RADAR Erneuerungs- und Modifizierungsprogramm
RER radio-electronic reconnaissance
RES RADAR environment simulation
RES radio electronic support
RF Radio Frequency
RF Reaction Forces
RFAS Reaction Forces Air Staff
RFB Request for Bids
RFBV request for bidder's view
RFEP RADAR Front End Processor
RFI Request for Information
RFP Request for Proposal
RFQ Request for Quotation
RID Remote Interface Device
RIP routing information protocol
RIS RADAR integration system
RISC reduced instruction set computer
RIT RADNET Implementation Team
RIXT remote information exchange terminal
RLT radio link tails maritime
RM Reference Model
RM Resource Modules
RMA Reliability, Maintainability and Availability
RMA Replacement Mobile Asset
RMC Resource Centre Manager
RMCDE RADAR Message Conversion and Distribution Equipment
RMG routing metric generator STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
RMON remote monitoring
RMP Recognised Maritime Picture
RNAV Relative Navigation
RNCP rationalised NATO communication programme
RNP Remote Network Processor
RNP Required Navigation Performance
RO Rationalisation Offer
ROA regional operating authority
ROC Regional Operating Centre NACOSA Support Element
ROCLANT Operating Centre, atLANTic NACOSA Support Element
ROE Rules of Engagement
ROS Remote Operation Service
ROSE remote operations service entry
RP release point
RP Reporting Point
RP reporting post
RPC RAP production centre
RPC Recognized Air Picture Prodution Center
RPC remote procedure call
RPL Repetitive Flight Plan
RPO Regional Project Office
RPOA Recognised Private Operating Agency
RPOA recognised privately operated agency
RPV remotely piloted vehicle
RRD Random Reply Delay
RRF Rapid Reaction Force
RRP rapid reinforcement plan
RRP review and release position
RRR radio relay repeater
RRT radio relay terminal
RRW review and release workstation NACISA/APD/04.07.00(95)001
RS Rationalisation System
RSAP RADNET Service Access Point
RSCS Remote Supervisory and Control System
RSE rear staff element
RSG regional signal group
RSG research study group
RSGS Regional Signal Group SHAPE NACOSA Support Element
RSLS Replay Path Side Lobe Suppression
RSP Recognised Surface Picture
RSSC regional system support centre
RSSP RADAR Systems Specialist Panel
RSU receiver-sender unit
RT Router
R&T Research & Technology
RTC radio transmission control
RTF rich text format ACE ACCIS core cap specs
RTMDE RADNET Test Monitoring and Demonstration Equipment
RTO R&T Organisation
RTP research and technology project
RTS Reliable Transfer Service
RTSE Reliable Transfer Service Element
RTTS Real Time Transmission System
RWG Requirements Working Group
RWR RADAR warning receiver
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