Acronyms Meaning /
F&E fonctionnement et entretien O&M
F-Series Telegraph and telematic services operations and traffic ITU-T recommendations
FA food and agriculture
FA functional area
FAA federal aviation agency
FAA forward administrative area
FAAC feature and attribute coding ACE ACCIS core cap specs
FAC forward air controller
FAFCO federal armed forces communication organisation GE
FAFIC federal armed forces intelligence centre GE AHRWEILER
FAFICS federal armed forces integrated communication system GE NDN
FAFIO federal armed forces intelligence office ANBw
FAFISCO federal armed forces information systems and communications office AFmISBw
FAFTN federal armed forces telecommunications network BwGN
FAI financial acceptance inspection
FAM facility assessment meeting
FAMS force assessment management support
FANS future air navigation system ICAO
FAPC food and agriculture planning committee
FARP forward arming and refueling point
FAS formal alert system
FAS functional area support
FASC forward air support centre
FASS functional area sub-system
FASTNET UK army fixed communication network
FBIS Foreign Broadcast Information Service
FBS fall back system
FC facilities control
FC financial controller
FC financial controller
FC fusion component BICES
FCO fire control officer
FD formal description
FDDI fibre distributed data interface ACE ACCIS core cap specs
FDM frequency division multipex
FDMA frequency division multiple access APD 04.05.03 (95)04
FDPS flight data precessor system
FDT formal description technique
FDV Flugdatenverarbeitung
FDX full duplex NACISA/APD/04.07.00(95)001
FEATS future European air traffic service system
FEBA forward edge of battle area
FEC forward error correction STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
FEMA federal emergency management agency (US)
FEP front-end processor
FETS frais d'etude technique et de surveillance
FG force goal ( force planning objective / 6 years rolling plan)
FGS force goals
FH frequency hopping
FHU force helicopter unit
FIPS federal information processing standard
FIR flight information region
FIS flight information service
FISA file transfer in support of ACCS
FLET forward line of enemy troops
FLOT forward line of own troops
FLTSAT fleet satellite STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
FM force management
FM frequency modulation
FMIS financial management system
FMO financial management office
FMOPT federal ministry of post and telegraph (GE)
FMP flow management position
FMR force mix ratio
FMS flight management system
FMS foreign military sales
FNA final network acceptance
FNP front-end network processor
FO fibre optic
FO. flag officer . 1st letter of country name
FOB forward operating base
FOC full operating capability
FOC full operational capability
FOFA follow-on force attack
FOI fibre optic interface
FOIRL fiber optic inter repeater link
FOL forward operating location
FOPR functional office of primary responsibility
FORACS fleet operational readiness acuracy check site
FORMETS NATO message text formatting system
FOSIC fleet OPS special intel centre
FOT frequency optimum traffic
FOTS fibre optic transmission system
FOURCE C3 and combat effectiveness
FP force proposal AC/317-N/798
FPAC food and agriculture planning committee
FPL flight plan
FPLMTS future public land mobile telecommunications system
FPPR flight plans and procedural routing
FPPS flight plan processing system
FRI fundamental review of infrastructure
FRUIT friendly replies unsynchronized in time
FRY former republic of Yugoslavia
FS feasibility study
FS functional standard
FSA final site acceptance
FSA final system acceptance
FSCL fire support coordination line
FSD full scale development
FSDTF functional specification development task force
FSED full scale engineering development
FSED Full Scale Engineering Development
FSGT fixed satellite ground terminal APD 04.05.03 (95)04
FSP forward support point
FSS field storage site
FSS fixed satellite service AC/317-N/839
FSS forward scatter system
FTAM file transfer access (and) management
FTAM file transfer and access management
FTAM File Transfer and Access Method
FTAM file transfer and management
FTE field training exercise
FTI fixed target indicator
FTP file transfer protocol ACE ACCIS core cap specs
FTS file transfer system
FTX field troop exercise
FU fire unit Hawk, Patriot
FUI flow control unnumbered information
FYR former Yugoslav republics
FStS AC/4-A(97)20
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