Acronyms Meaning /
H&FS headquarters and facilities sub-system
HAGS commander Hellenic army general staff
HANE high altitude nuclear event
HARM high-speed anti-radiation missile
HASSO host ADP site security officer
HAU host attachment unit
HCD hard copy device
HCDA high capacity digital access
HCI human computer interface
HDA Heterogeneous Data Accessor
HDB home defense brigade
HDLC high level data link communication
HDLC high level data link control
HDRP hypothetical digital reference path
HDX half duplex NACISA/APD/04.07.00(95)001
HEDICS Hellenic national defense integrated communication system
HEL high energy laser
HF high frequency
HFA Hellenic first army
HGI host guard interface
HIDECON hierarchially decentralized control of the network
HILEX high level exercise
HIT-B Ex Strong Resolve 95
HL hotline
HLDD high level design document STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
HLWF high level wargame facility
HM hub manager Ex Strong Resolve 95
HML hardware maintenance level
HN host nation NACISA USD 23.01.00(93)01
HNDGS commander Hellenic national defense general staff
HOD head of delegation
HOL high order language
HPRP high performing reporting post early warning
HQ headquarters
HQG high quality graphics DT=SVC+SVTC+HQG
HRC hybrid ring control
HRDL hypothetical reference digital link
HRDS hypothetical reference digital section
HSC headquarter support command
HSO headquarter suignal officer
HTML HyperText Mark-up Language W3C
HTT highly transportable satellite ground terminals
HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol
HW hardware
HYPSR half yearly project status report NACISA
HYSIR half yearly system implementation report
HYTIME hypermedia/time-based structuring language
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