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S Server
S Service
S&WIS Sensors and Warning Installation Sub-System
S/CR AWHQ SHAPE and Central Region Alternate War Headquarters
S/J Signal to Jam Ratio
S-HTTP Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol ACE ACCIS core cap specs
S-Series Alphabetical Telegraph and Telematic (except Facsimile) Services Terminal ITU-T recommendation
SA scientific and environmental affairs division NATO IS
SA System Administrator
SAA Security Accreditation Authority
SAA Subdomain Addressing Authority
SAC Source Area Code
SAC Special Access Component
SAC Supreme Allied Commander
SACF Single Association Coordinating Function
SACLANTCEN SACLANT Udersea Research Centre
SADS system architecture development study
SAGE standard automated guard environment
SAI sea/air interface
SAI Subdomain Addressing Authority Identifier
SALT Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
SAM Assistemce Missions
SAM Surface to Air Missile
SAME SQL ADA module extensions
SAMeDL SAME Desciption Language
SAMOC Surface to Air Missile Operation Center ACCS
SAMS SHAPE ACCIS maintenance system
SANISI Security Architecture for NATO Information Systems Interconnection
SANTIS Single Architecture for NATO Technical Interoperability Standards
SAP Service Access Point
SAR Search and Rescue
SAR Synthetic Aperture RADAR
SARPs Standards and Recommended Practices
SAS special ammunition storage
SATAN security analysis tools for auditing
SATCIS single architecture of technical common IF standard OSI layers 1 - 4
SATCOM Satellite Communications
SATURN second generation Anti-jam Tactical UHF-Radio for NATO
SAW static alternate war headquarters
SAW Surface to air Weapon
SBU sensitive but unclassified
SC Strategic Command
SC sea control
SC Steering Committee STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
SC strike cell
SC Sub Committee
SCANT slidex codeword address / nickname telephone
SCARS Status Control Alerting and Reporting System C2 of Substrategic Nuclear Forces
SCAT Surveillance Capability Assessment Tool
SCC secure computing corporation
SCC SHAPE Command Center STC TN-155
SCCP Signalling Connection Control Part
SCDL surveillance and control data link
SCECC Senior Civil Emergency Crisis Cell
SCEPC Senior Civil Emergency Planning Committee NATO Committee
SCG Special Consultative Group NATO Committee
SCG senior crisis group
SCI sensitive compartmented information
SCI serial communications interface STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
SCI Site Compliance Inspection
SCIC science committee
SCIDA systems coordination installation design authority UK
SCMC SNR communications management centre
SCNR Scientific Committee of National Representatives Disbanded. Functions assumed by NC3B
SCO system capability objectives
SCOPE secure cooperationg processing environment
SCP Shipping Control Point
SCS standard communication server
SCSG satellite communications sub-group AC/317(WG/1)N/600
SCSI standing communications security instructions ACE ACCIS core cap specs
SCTIS Single Channel Transponder Injection System
SCTR Single Channel Transponder Receiver
SCTS US single channel transponder system AC/317/SEC/95/47
SD Sub-Domain
SD&IC Systems Design and Integration Contract
SDD Synthetic Data Display
SDH Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
SDI Strategic Defence Initiative
SDIP SECAN doctrine and information publication
SDL Specification and Description Laguage
SDM STC Intelligence Data Model
SDNS secure data network system
SDP Sensor Data Processor
SDR small development requirement
SDR summary description report
SDR system design review
SDS system direction and support
SDTF Strategy Development Task Force (EATCHIP)
SDTS spatial data transfer standard
SDU service data unit STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
SDU software distribution utilities
SE&I systems engineering and integration
SEAD Suppression of Enemy Air Defence
sec Section
SECAN SECurity and Evaluation Agency MC 108/5
SecOps Security Operating Procedures
SEE software engineering environment consultancy work on life cycles
SEE synthetic exercise environment CP 5A0008
SEISRS System-specific Electronic Information Security Requirement Statement
SELRIP selected release improvement programme
SEP selective imployment plan
SEP system executive and plan
SESAM semi-active surface-to-air missile
SESN SACEURs Emergency Strike Network
SET satellite experimental terminal
SETO Southern Europe transport organisation
SEWG System Engineering Working Group
SFOR Stabilisation Force
SFP Sensor Fusion Post ACCS
SfP Science for Peace
SG Secretary General
SG slice group
SG Sub-Group
SGFS Special Group of Functional Standards
SGML standard generalized markup language
SGP Senior Political-Military Group on Proliferation NATO Committee
SGT Satellite Ground Terminal AC/317(WG/1)N/556
SGTS AC/317(WG/1)(SG/2)N/183
SHA Secure Hash Algorithm
SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
SHARE Stock Holding and Asset Requirements Exchange
SHD Special Handling Detachment
SHED Special Handling and Evaluation Detachment
SHEDCOINS SHED Communication INformation System
SHEWS SHAPE Early Warning System
SHF Super High Frequency STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
SHIFS SHAPE information flow system
SHIMS SHAPE interim message handling system STC TN-155
SHNMO SHAPE host nation management office
SHOC Headquarters Operations Centre
SHORAD Short Range Air Defense
SHORADOC SHORAD Operations Center
SI Supporting Interrogator
SIA Stable Implementor Agreements
SIC Subject Indicator Code Source Identification Code
SICAS SSR Improvement and Collision Avoidance System
SICASP SSR Improvement and Collision Avoidance System Panel
SID signalling IF device
SID Standard Interface Device
SID subscriber identification
SIDL SOSTAS interoperable data link
SIE Standard Interface Equipment
SIEM SSR/IFF Environment Model (UK)
SIF Selective Identification Feature
SIG Special Interest Group
SIGINT SIGnal INTelligence
SII secondary image interface
SILS standard for interoperable LAN security
SINCGARS single channel ground/air system
SINS Ship Inertial Navigation System
SINS southern improvement NADGE sites
SIP Secure Interface Profile
SIP Security Investment Programme
SIR Specific Information Requirement
SISRS System Interconnection Security Requirement Statement
SISSIM SSR/IFF system Simulator
SL starting line
SLAR Side Looking Airborne RADAR
SLBM Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile
SLC Side Lobe Cancellation
SLCM Sea-Launched Cruise Missile
SLCMB System Level Configuration Management Board
SLF signal line filter
SLIP serial line internet protocol
SLM Standard Length Message
SLOC Sea Line Of Communications
SLS Side Lobe Suppresseion
SLWPG Senior Level Weapons Protection Group NATO Committee
SMA System Management Authority
SMA Signal Message Address
SMA Situation Monitoring and Assessment
SMAA submarine movement advisory authority AC/317-N/889
SMAP system management application process
SMC staff message centre
SMC Station Monitoring and Control Center
SMDC SHAPE message distribution centre STC TN-155
SMDC signal message distribution centre Ex Strong Resolve 95
SMDC software management and developing centre
SMF Special Military Features
SMF spectrum management facility
SMG standard mail guard
SMI Structure of Management Information
SMIS SHAPE management information service
SMMDC staff message mail distribution centre
SMR secure message router
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol IETF
SN sub-network
SNA system network architecture
SNAC subnet access controller STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
SNAcP Subnetwork Access Protocol
SNACP subnetwork dependent access control STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
SNAD secure message router
SNDC Subnetwork Dependent Convergence
SNDCP Subnetwork Dependent Convergence Protocol
SNF Short-range Nuclear Forces
SNF Standing Naval Force
SNI switched network interconnection
SNICP Subnetwork Independent Convergence Protocol
SNIG Switched Network Interconnection Gateway
SNIP switched network interconnection project
SNIRP subnetwork independent header reduction protocol STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
SNLC Senior NATO Logisticians' Conference NATO Committee
SNMP Simple Network Management Pool IETF
SNPA Subnetwork Point of Attachment
SNPDU subnetwork protocol data unit STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
SNPS switched network pilot study
SNR switched network rationalisation
SNS secure network server
SNTF Subnetwork Test Facility
SO special operations
SO staff officer
SO Standardisation Objective
SOB Space Order of Battle
SOC Sector Operations Center ACCS
SOFA Status Of Forces Agreement
SOHO site operational hand-over
SOI Statement of Intention
SOI statement of interest
SOL sequence order list STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
SONET synchronous open network STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
SONOR South Norway
SOP Standing Operating Procedure
SOR Statement Of Requirement
SORPROS Stand-Off RADAR programmes studies
SOSE shipboard open systems environment
SOSTAS stand-off surveillance and target acquisition centre
SOW schedule of work
SOW Statement Of Work
SP Session Protocol
SP sub-panel
SPACE Scenario Preparation and Coverage Evaluation
SPADOC space defence operations centre
SPAG Standards Promotion and Application Group
SPARC Scalable Processor Architecture
SPC Senior Political Committee NATO Committee
SPC(R) Senior Political Committee (Reinforced) NATO Committee
SPETZNAZ Soviet special forces
SPF special purpose force
SPI Special Position Identification
SPN self protecting node
SPOAC systeme de planification de l'OTAN pour armement conventionnel
SPOD sea port of debarkation
SPOE Sea Port of Entry
SPP Special Purpose Processor
SPS special purpose segment AC/317/SEC/95/47
SQL structured query language
SQOC Squadron Operations Center ACCS
SR Service Request
SR Southern Region
SRB Senior Resource Board NATO Committee
SRB Source Recommendation Board
SRBM short-range ballistic missile
SRCCS short range communications control station
SRI System Replay and Investigation
SRIXS Strong Resolve information exchange system Ex Strong Resolve 95
SRS security release station
SRS Security Requirements Statement
SRT security release terminal
SS Session Service
SSADM consultancy work on life cycles
SSAP Session Service Access Point
SSC Service Support Center
SSC SHAPE support centre
SSC software support centre
SSC system support centre
SSE Specific Services Entity (Umsetzung Mode S Protokolle)
SSF Sub-Strategic Forces
SSI System Software Interface
SSIP sub-system integration programme
SSIXS Submarine Satellite Information Exchange System AC/317(WG/1)(SG/2)N/202
SSL Secure Sockets Layer ACE ACCIS core cap specs
SSM spread-spectrum modulation
SSM Surface-to-Surface Missile
SSMA spread-spectrum multiple access
SSO site security officer
SSO System Security Officer
SSP Scheduled Strike Programme Nuclear Operations
SSP Source Selection Plan
SSR Secondary Surveillance Radar
SSRS system-specific security requirements statement Strong Resolve 95/ACE ACCIS core caps
SSSB Ship-Shore-Ship Buffer
SST Sub-Stratigic Trident
SSVCS SACEUR's SV conference system
STA SUNG trusted application
STAMINA Standard Automated Message Interface for NATO ACCIS
STAN Status of own Air Force (User Function)
STANAG STANdardisation AGreement
STANAVFORMED STAnding NAVal FORce MEDiterrannean
STAR SCOPE trusted automatic router
STAR Studies, Test and Research (EUROCONTROL)
STARRNET static radio relay network
STARS STC adaptable RADAR / EW simulator
START STrategic ARms Reduction Talks
STC SHAPE Technical Centre Subsumed within NC3A
STCA Short Term Conflict Alert
STCW Short Term Conflict Warning
STE Signalling Terminal Equipment
STEP standard for the exchange of product model data
STEP synchronous transport evolution programme SIEMENS
STG strategic to tactical gateway
STGC strategic to tactical gateway concept
STILS SHAPE Infrastructure Listing System
STM synchronous transfer mode
STN Switched Telephone Network
STRADIS structured analysis design and implementation of B264 information system NACISA USD 23.01.00(93)01
STRICOM US army's simulation, training and instrument. command
STS Stable Time Subfield
STVF System Test and Valdation Facility
SU Sole User
SUBOPAUTH submarine operation authority AC/317-N/889
SUCOC Succession of Command
SUF Special User Function
SUNG secret to unclassified network guard
SUNI shared usage of NATO infrastructure
SV secure voice conferencing
SVC secure voice conferencing CT
SVC Switched Virtual Circuit
SVGA Super Video Graphics Adapter
SVMC secure video-mapping conferencing CT
SVP site verification programme
SVTC secure video tele-conferencing CT
SW software
SW special weapons
SWASP SHAPE wartime application SW project
SWG special working group
SWG standard WWMCCS guard
SWHQ Static War Headquarter
SWI sensor/warning installations AC/317-N/798
SYSCO System Supported Coordination
SYSCON system control
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