Acronyms Meaning /
O&M operation and maintenance
O/R Originator/Recipient
OA Office Automation
OA&M operations, administration and maintenance AC/317(WG/2)WP/94
OAM Operation, Administration and Maintenance
OAP operator assistence position
OAS Offensive Air Support
OAS office automation system
OASIS Open ATM System Integration Strategy
OAT Operational Air Traffic
OBTM&M on board test, monitor and maintenance
OCA offensive counter air
OCA operational control authority
OCM Office of the Center Manager
OCO operating control organisation AC/317(WG/1)N/610
OCO Operations Control Organisation
OCR optical character reader
OCR Optical Character Recognition
ODA office document architecture
ODBC open data base connectivity ACE ACCIS core cap specs
ODC Office of the Division Chief
ODI open data-link interface
ODIF office document interchange format
ODL office document language
ODP open distributed processing
ODS Operator Input and Display System
ODT operational data typ data management
OEW operational emergency in war
OI Area of Operational Interest
OIER Operational Information Exchange Requirement
OII Object of Intelligence Interest
OII operations/intelligence interface
OIW Open systems Implementation Workshop
OJT On-The-Job Training
OLDI On-Line Data Interchange
OLFAPS operations/logistics functional area prototype system Ex Strong Resolve 95
OM OSI Management
OM-55 ECCM - modem used in SATCOM
OMG object management group
öMilFs örtliche Militärische Flugsicherung
OMNIPoint open management interoperability point
ONS office of NATO standardization
ONST outline NATO staff target
OOA out of area
OOTW operations other than war CAX
OPD Outline Phsical Design
OPR Office of Primary Resonsibility
OPREP operational report
OPS operational division NATO IMS
ORACLE overall review of ACCS in a CFE limited environment
ORBAT Order of Battle
ORC operational requirement for communications
ORCAM Originating Region Code Assignment Method
ORCAP overall review of CNAD activities and projects 2-annually
ORD Operational Requirements Document
ORTP operational readiness test programme
OS operating system ACE ACCIS core cap specs
OSA open systems architecture
OSAT overall system acceptance testing
OSC operational system control
OSCE organisation for security and co-operation in Europe
OSCRL Operating System Command and Response Language
OSE open system environment ACE ACCIS core cap specs
OSE-RM open systems environment - reference model
OSF open software foundation ACE ACCIS core cap specs
OSI open systems interconnection ACE ACCIS core cap specs
OSIE Open Systems Interconnection Environment
OSM Overall system Modell
OSP Overall Strategic Priorities
OSPF Open Shortest Path First IETF
OSS one stop shopping ALLA
OSS Operational Support System
OSS Operator Subsystem
OSS Overall System Specification
OTAM off-the-air monitor
OTC officer in tactical command
OTE Hellenic RPO
OTH over-the-horizon
OTS Of the Shelf
OTS open systems interconnection transport service STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
OU operating unit OCO
OWG one-way gateway
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