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AcronymsMeaning /
A&SArmament and Standardisation DivisionNATO IMS
A/CAir Conditioned
A/C feesArchitect/Engineer fees
A/DAnalogue to Digital
A/EAirfields Engineering
A/EArchitecture & Engineering
A/GAir to Ground
A/SAnti Submarine
AAAdministrative Assistant
AAAir Armament
AAAir to Air
AAAAnti-Aircraft Artillery
AAAArea Advisory Authority
AABCPAdvanced Airborne Command Post
AABFAssembly Area Blocking Force
AABNCPAdvanced Airborne National Command Post
AACACCS Advisory Committee
AACaeronautical administrative communications
AACAlaskan air command
AACATKassembly area counter attacking force
AACCATAF airspace co-ordination centre
AACEaircraft alerting communications EMP
AACOMSarmy area communications system
AACSairways and air communications service
AADadvanced ammunition depot
AADCadvanced avionics digital computer
AADCarea air defence commander
AADCOMarmy air defence command
AADCParmy air defence command post
AADGEACE air defence ground environment
AADNSautomatic air defence notification system
AADSACSarmy air defence surveillance and control system
AAEaerospace ancillary equipment
AAFallied air forces
AAFCEallied air forces central EuropeRamstein
AAFNEallied air forces northern Europe
AAFSACE automated financial system
AAFSEallied air forces southern Europe
AAGaeromedical airlift group
AAIGACE annual infrastructure guidance
AAIPACE ACCIS implementation planACE ACCIS Core Capability specs
AAISACE ACCIS implementation strategyACE ACCIS Core Capability specs
AAISGACE ACCIS implementation steering group
AAMair to air missile
AAMBAFNW AIS management board
AAMGanti-aircraft machine gun
AAMPACE ACCIS management plan
AAMSarea airspace management system
AAOCanti-aircraft operations centre
AAOCarmy air operations centre
AAPallied administrative publication
AARair to air refueling
AARautomatic alternative routing
AASaeromedical airlift squadron
AASaerospace application study
AASarchitectural ADP system
AASCarmy automation steering committee
AATAACE ACCIS Target Architecture
AAWanti-aircraft automatic weapon
AAWAnti Air Warfare
AAWAanti-air warfare area
AAWCanti-air warfare commander
AAWCanti-air warfare coordinator
ABAir Base
ABair burst
ABsignal groundRS 232C
ABCatomic, biological and chemical
ABC(NATIONS)America, Britain, Canada
ABCA(NATIONS)America, Britain, Canada, Australia
ABCCairborne command and control communications
ABCCCairborne battlefield command and control centre
ABCCCairborne command, control and communications
ABCCISair base command and control information system
ABCPairborne command post
ABDRairfield battle damage repair
ABEALSP broadcast emulator
ABGair base group
ABIRaverage bit information rate
ABManti ballistic missile
ABNFARFA basic notification form (frequency requirement)
ABNOCairborne operations centre
ABUSaccepted but uninstalled systemSTRADIS
ABWair base wing
ACad hoc committee
ACair combat
ACair control
ACalliance council
ACarmament committee
ACassociation control
AC2CISNATO automated command and control CIS
ACAairspace control agency
ACAairspace control authority
ACAarms control agreement
ACAarms control authority
ACAAarmy concept analysis agencyUS
ACASairborne collision avoidance system
ACASaircraft collision avoidance system
ACBAallied command baltic approaches
ACCair control centre
ACCalternate command centre
ACCalternate control centre (ACCS)
ACCalternate control centre (SATCOM)satellite communication
ACCaudio circuit control
ACCautomatic code changing
ACCAPACE CIS Contingency Assets PoolCP 5A0001
ACCBACE Centralised Communication Budget
ACCHANAllied Command ChannelPart of former command structure
ACCISAutomated Command and Control Information SystemNACISA USD 23.01.00(93)01
ACCMPSallied command and control message processing system
ACCROSACE resource optimisation software system
ACCSair command and control system
ACCSAallied communications and computer security agency
ACEallied command Europe
ACEITautomated cost estimating and integrating tool
ACELIPACE long term infrastructure programme (6 years/detailed infra funding)
ACGEADP communication gateway element
ACLaccess control list
ACLANTallied command Atlantic
ACMair combat manoeuver
ACMALSP common module
ACMPallied configuration management publication
ACMPATCCIS Configuration Management Plan
ACMSautomated control and management systemBRASS
ACOairspace control order
ACOCair command operations centre
ACOGagence civile OTAN du temps de guerreNCWA
AComPallied communications publication
ACOSassistant chief of staff
ACPairspace control procedureACP 127
ACPallied command publication
ACPAllied Communications Procedure
ACPAllied Communications Publication
ACRair control and reporting
ACR RECAair cavalry regiment (recce-reconnaicance)
ACRCalternate control and reporting centre
ACROSSACE resource optimisation software system
ACSAccess Control System
ACSalternate control station
ACSautomatic channel selection
ACSEassociation control service element
ACTarchitecture consolidation table
ACTICEagency for the coordination of inland transport in central EuropeNCWA
ACTIMEDagency for the coordination of inland transport in the MediterraneanNCWA
ACTSadvanced communications technologies and services
ACUair control unit
ACWair control and warning
ADACE directive
ADair defence
ADair directive
ADarmoured division
ADANACISA USD 23.01.00(93)01
ADAMSACE deployment and movement systemCP 5A0003
ADatPallied data publication
ADatP-3Allied Data Publication 3
ADCaeronautical administrative communications
ADCair defence centre
ADCABAD cross tell and broadcast
ADCFairborne data converter/formatter
ADCISair defence CIS
ADEFARFA data exchange format
ADGaugmented drafting group
ADGaugmented drafting group
ADGEair defence ground environment
ADIapplication directory
ADLPairborne data link processor
ADLPautomatic data link
ADMadd and drop multiplexers
ADMadvanced development model
ADM(L)atomic demolition munition (location)
ADMDadministration management domains
ADOair defence operation
ADOCair defence operations centre
ADOLTair defense operation liasion team
ADPautomated data processing
ADPautomatic data processing
ADPCMadaptive differential pulse code modulation
ADPGair defence planning group
ADRannual defense review
ADRGARC digitised raster graphicsACE ACCIS Core Capability specs
ADSair defence ship
ADSarchitectural design study
ADSautomatic dependent surveillance
ADS-Bautomatic dependent surveillance - broadcast
ADSCair defence software committee
ADSDair defence systems directorate
ADSIAAllied Data Systems Interoperability AgencyResponsibilities assumed by NHQC3S/IOB & AC/322(SC/2)
ADSOAIS domain security officer
ADTabstract data typesdata management
ADTSACE data transfer service
ADWarea defence weapon
ADWGAd Hoc Working Group for Data ManagementADSIA(ADP)-C-007-96
ADXautomated data exchange
AEapplication entity
AEarchitecture/engineering fees
AEGISairborne early warning ground integration segment
AENACE emergency network
AEPapplication environment profileAC/317(WG/2)WP/94
AERBACE exercise review boardCP 5A0008
AESSAllied Environmental Support System
AEWAirborne Early Warning
AEWWGair EW working group
AFaugmentation force
AFCEAarmed forces communications electronics associationSTC CSNI final report 22/9/95
AFCENTAllied Forces Central EuropeSubsumed within AFNORTH
AFIauthorrity and format identifier
AFLactual flight plan
AFMEDallied forces mediterranean
AFNONAllied Forces North NorwaySubsumed within AFNORTH
AFNORTHAllied Forces Northern Europe
AFNWAllied Forces North-WestSubsumed within AFNORTH
AFSONORAllied Forces South Norway
AFSOUTHAllied Forces Southern Europe
AFTapplication functional profiles
AFTNaeronautical fixed telecommunications network
AGARDadvisory group for airspace research and development
AGATHAaggregated ground air theatre level assessment
AGLabove ground level
AGSalliance ground surveillanceAC/259(SURV)N/21
AHCACCS hardware committee
AHDGad hoc drafting group
AHEGad hoc expert group
AHGad hoc groupAPD 04.05.03 (95)04
AHWGad hoc working group
AHWG-SecAHWG on security
AIaccess interface
AIair intercept
AIair interdiction
AIalternative interrogation
AIartificial intelligence
AIAACE intelligence architectureBICES
AIAaerospace industry association
AICair information circular
AICatlantic intelligence commandnarrow band secure voice
AIDallied interoperability databaseSTANAG 4210 Ann E
AIDATCA interoperability database
AIDAair defence and attack model
AIDBACE Intelligence Database
AIDMACE Intelligence Data ModelBICES
AIDMACE intelligent data modelAC/317/SEC/94/20
AIDMCACE Intelligence Data Management Concept
AIFSACE Automated Information Flow System
AIGaddress indicating group
AIMPACE Intelligence Management Plan
AIMSACCS Information Management System
AINCAACE intelligent communications architecture
AINPSACE integrated nuclear planning system
AIPaeronautical information publication
AIRannual infrastructure report
AIRCENTair forces central Europe
AIRDATCCIS information resource dictionarydata modelling
AIRSautomated infrastructure requirement system
AISaeronautical information service
AISautomated information system
AIS OAAIS operational authority
AISAPAIS automation panel
AISDadvanced informations services demonstration
AISGADA implementation sub-group
AISIapplication independent security infrastructureAC/317-N/846
AITACE ACCIS integrated testbed
AJanti-jam(ming)APD 04.05.03 (95)04
ALBEair-land battlefield environment
ALBEAirland Battle Environment
ALCSACCS logistical support concept
ALEautomatic link establishment
ALERTSMNC alert system
ALLAAllied Long Lines AgencyResponsibilities assumed by NHQC3S/PRB
ALOair liasion officer
ALOCadministrative and logistic operation centre
ALSapplication layer structure
ALSPaggregate level simulation protocol
AMaccess module
AMAmplitude Modulation
AMCair mission control
AMCairspace management cell
AMCPalternate missile control post
AMD AAair mobile division
AMDACSadaptive message drafting and creation sub-system
AMF(L)ACE Mobile Force (Land)
AMGarchitecture management group
AMHautomated message handling
AMHSAutomated Message Handling System
AMICACCS MHQ interface component
AMISautomated management information system
AMMSautomated message management system
AMOallied metereologic office
AMORanalysis of mode S radar data
AMPSautomated message processing system
AMRADautomatic message routing and distribution
AMSCallied military security code
AMSGallied military security guidelines
AMTSalliance movement and transport system
AMWamphibious warfare
ANaccess network
ANADadvisor national armament director
ANBwAmt für Nachrichtenwesen der Bundeswehr
ANCair navigation comission
ANCAallied naval communications agency
ANDVTadvanced narrow band digital voice terminal
ANSIAmerican national standards institute
AOADArmy organic air defence
AOBAir Order of Battle
AOBSenemy air order of battle
AOCair operations centre
AOCassociation of old crows
AOCCair operation coordination centre
AOCSattitude and orbit control systemAPD 04.05.03 (95)04
AODair operations directiveEx Strong Resolve 95
AOGair operation group
AOIappel d'offre internationalICB
AOIarea of interest
AOIRACE Operational Intelligence Requirements
AOIRarea of intelligence responsibilitynarrow band secure voice
AOMapllication OSI management
AOPTIair operations planning and tasking initiative
AOPTSair operations planning and tasking systemCAX
AORArea Of Responsibility
AOTNACE operational Tg network
APAllied Publication
APapplication process
APapplication protocol
APACACCS policy avisory committee
APAGAtlantic policy advisory group
APDarchitecture and plans division
APHARFA policy handbook
APIApplication Programme InterfaceAC/317(WG/2)WP/94
APIapplication programming interfaceAC/317-N/846
APICallied press information centre
APICallied public information centre
APODairport of debarkation
APOEair port of entry
APPallied procedural publication
APPapplication portability profile
APQarmaments planning questionnaire
APSalpha profile setNACISA USD 23.01.00(93)01
APSEADA programming support environment
AQAPAllied Quality Assurance Publication
AQCacquisition centre
ARaccess router
ARCACE ACCIS Core Capability specs
ARDapplication remote database access
ARDSairborne radar demonstration system
ARFAallied radio frequency agency
ARINCactivities of aeronautical radio, INC
ARMSair resources management system
ARMSanti-radiation missile
ARRCACE rapid reaction corps
ARRSair recce reporting system
ARSautomatic route selection
ARTASATC radar tracker and server
ASapplication service
ASapplication support
ASACall sources analysis centre (Heidelberg)
ASACSair surveillance and control system
ASAFair space activity forecast
ASAPas soon as possible
ASASACCS security accreditation strategy
ASASall sources analysis system
ASATanti satelliteAPD 04.05.03 (95)04
ASCACCS software committee
ASCair space control
ASCAmerican standards committee
ASCarea support centre
ASCAParmy support combat air patrol
ASCCair standardisation coordination committee
ASCCair support coordination centre
ASCIIAmerican standard code for information interchange
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASCONautomatic switched comms network
ASCONautomatic switched communications network (NL)
ASDaircraft selected data
ASDFAir Simulator and demenstation Facility
ASDFAir Simulator and demenstation Facility
ASDSair situation display system
ASEapplication system element
ASGAFCENT support group
ASGassistent secretary generalAC/317-N/798
ASIMasynchron/synchron interface modem
ASMair-to-surface missile
ASMair space management
ASManti-ship missile
ASMAAir Staff Management Aid
ASMEAmerican society of mechanical engineers
ASNabstract syntax notation
ASOAIS security officer
ASOapplication service object
ASOCair support operation centre
ASPannual service practice
ASPDACCS security policy document
ASRairfield surveillance radar
ASSABC Server Subsystem
ASSAUTODIN switching system
ASSCACLANT Systems Support Centre
ASSWIanti-sub-surface warning installation
ASTERIXall purpose structured EUROCONTROL radar information exchange
ASUair support unit
ASVaircraft speed vector
ASWanti-submarine warfareEx Strong Resolve 95
ATAFallied tactical air force
ATBBas to be built
ATBManti tank ballistic missile
ATCair traffic control
ATCAallied tactical communications agency
ATCCair traffic control centre
ATCCISArmy Tactical CCIS
ATCRBSair traffic control radar beacon system
ATCRUair traffic control radar unit
ATDMasynchronous time division multiplexing
ATEautomatic test equipment
ATFMair traffic flow management
ATISautomatic terminal information system
ATLASair traffic land system
ATMair traffic management
ATMAsynchronous Transfer Mode
ATNaeronautical telecommunications network
ATOAir Tasking OrderEx Strong Resolve 95
ATOCallied tactical operations centre
ATPACCS transition plan
ATPallied tactical publication
ATPallied technical publication
ATPapplication transaction processing
ATSair traffic services
ATSCair traffic services communication
AUaccess unit
AUIattachment unit interface
AUSABC User Subsystem
AUTODINautomatic digital information networkUS
AUTOVONautomatic voice networkUS
AVCNACE vital comms network
AVIaudio visual interactive scriptware
AVTapplication virtual terminal
AWACSairborne warning and control system
AWCCAIS and WAN control centre
AWCIESACCS-wide common information exchange standards
AWCSalternate war headquarters communications squadron
AWHQalternate war headquarters
AWIalert warning indicator
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