Acronyms Meaning /
W3C World Wide Web Consortium
WABI Windows Application Binary Interface
WADGNSS Wide Area Differential Global Navigation Satellite System
WAIT WWMCCS ADP Interface Terminal
WAN Wide Area Network
WARC World Administrative Radio Conference
WARM war reserve mode MC 64/5, NEWAC
WAS Wide Area Subsystem
WAS wide area surveillance
WASP wartime application software project
WBS Work Breakdown Structure STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
WBSVS wide band secure voice system
WC-CAP War Consumables Calculation
WCB wartime contingency base
WCO Weapon Control Order
WD working draft ISO
WDIC war damage information centre
WEAG Western European Armaments Group
WEU Western European Union
WEZ weapon engagement zone
WG working group
WG/WC MCMG working group on weather communications
WG/WP MCMG working group on weather plans
WGI workstation guard interface
WGNCE working group of national communication experts
WHIDDS war headquarter information dissemination and display system SHAPE PWHQ
WHQ War Headquarters AC/317-N/798
WHQ wartime headquarter
WI Warning Installation
WI working instructions
WIN WWMCCS Interconnect Network
WIS WWMCCS Information System
WLOC wartime line of communications
WOC wartime operation centre
WOC Wing Operations Centre ACCS
WP Working Party
WP Working Paper
WPC warrior preparation centre
WPIS Warsaw pact intelligence service
WPM word per minute
WS workstation
WSEM workstation electronic module
WTO Warsaw Treaty Organisation
WWMCCS World Wide Military Command and Control System
WWS WIS workstation
WWW World Wide Web
WXR radiosonde station
WY weapon yield
WYSIAWYG what you see is almost what you get
WYSIWYG what you see is what you get
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