Acronyms Meaning /
B-ISDN Broadband ISDN
BAI Battlefield Air Interdiction
BALTAP Allied Forces Baltic Approaches
BASE Baseband
BBN Broad Band Network
BC Broadcast
BC Buffer Centre
BCA Border Crossing Authority
BCA Broadcast Control Authority
BCIS Battlefield Combat Identification System
BCS Broadcast Control Station
BCU buffer control unit
BCVT basic class virtual terminal
BDA Battle Damage Assessment
BDEP Bright Dawn enhancement programme
BDIG Belgian defence industry group
BDS comm-B designation subfield
BEAF BE air force
BEAUTY UK encryption for packet switching
BEDs business enumerated domains
BEMILCOM Belgian military communications network
BENECHAN BENELUX sub-area, Channel
BETE BICES evolutionary test environment
BFA battlefield functional area
BFS Bundesanstalt für Flugsicherung
BGP border gateway protocol
BGS Bundesgrenzschutz
BI battlefield identification
BIC BRASS initial capability
BICC BICES initial core capability AC/317/SEC/94/20
BICES battlefield information collection and exploitation system
BICES battlefield information collection and exploitation systems AC/317-N/798
BID bulk information device
BIF BICES integration facility
BIFF battlefield IFF
BIR biannual infrastructure review
BIST built in software test
BIT built in test
BITE built in test equipment
BITS battlefield information and targeting system US electronic mail
BLM BICES Logical Model
BLOS beyond line of sight (> 555 km)
BM battle management
BMA battlefield management area
BMEWS ballistic missile early warning system
BMS battlefield management system
BMS bureau militaire de standardisation
BOA basic ordering agreement
BOC battalion operation centre (HAWK)
BOCCA bureau for the co-ordination of civil aviation NCWA
BoD bandwidth on demand APD 04.05.03 (95)04
BOD board of directors
BOP balance of payment
BOS BICES Outline Structure
BOXER UK RN & RAF funded communications infra network
BPMG BICES project management group
BPR business plan review
BPS BICES pilot study AC/317/SEC/94/20
BPS broadcast processing system
BPSK binary phase shift keying
BRA Basic Rate Access
BRASS Broadcast and Ship-shore System AC/4(WG29)DS/139
BRI basic rate interface STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
BRISS British intelligence support system
BROAD broadband
BRS broadcast relay station
BRS Broadcast Radiating Station VLF Handbook
BRSC British support command
BSC BICES steering committee
BSWG BICES standing working group
BUR BICES User Requirements
BURST BICES user requirement system trial
BVR beyond visual range
BW bandwidth
BWM Band Width Management NGCS
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