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I&P information and press
I&W Indications and Warnings
I/F interface STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
I-CASE integrated computer-aided software engineering
I-Series integrated services digital network CCITT
IA integral ACCS
IA internal auditor
IAD integrated air defense
IADS Iceland air defense system
IAGB inter army group boundary
IALCE international air lift control element
IAMM interoperability analysis and management model ATCA database
IAS indicated air speed
IAU infrastructure accounting unit
IAU international accounting unit
IAWS indicators and warning system
IBA international board of auditors
IBCN integrated broadband communications network (ISDN+BISDN)
IBS industrial benefit share
IBS ISO/CCITT base standard
IC information category
IC infrastructure committee AC/4(WG29)DS/139
ICAO international civil aviation organization
ICAOC interim combined air operation centre
ICAPS integrated command anti submarine warfare prediction system
ICB international competitive bidding AC/4-D/2261
ICC information and coordinating centre Patriot
ICC initial core capability
ICC interim CAOC capability
ICCCM inter-client communications conventions manual
ICD imitative communications deception
ICD interface control document
ICD international code designator
ICMIS interim crisis management interface system WG 29 meeting 140
ICMP internet control message protocol
ICP infrastructure capability package
ICP PG ICP planning group
ICP RB ICP review board
ICRC international committee of the red cross
ICT information and communications technology
ICT intercept standard
ID identification
IDA initial deployment area
IDA integrated digital access
IDAC interim deployable ACCS component Ex Strong Resolve 95
IDB integrated data base
IDBO identification by origin
IDCP identification data combining process
IDF intermediate distribution frame
IDHS intelligence data handling system BICES
IDI initial domain identifier
IDM intelligent database machine
IDMC Intelligence Data Management Concept
IDN Integrated Digital Network Exchange
IDNX Integrated Digital Network Exchange
IDNX Integrated Digital Network Exchange
IDO identification officer
IDP initial domain part
IDS Intruder Detection System
IDS intrusion detection system
IDTSN Italian digital tri-service network weekly minutes 6-12-95
IDUP independent data unit protection AC/317-N/846
IE information exchange
IEC international electronical commission
IEEE institute of electrical and electronic engineers
IEG information exchange group
IEP information exchange plan ACE IEP
IEP information exchange plan
IEPG independent European programme group
IEPI ICAOC execution and planning system
IEPS ICAOC execution planning system
IER information exchange requirements AC/317(WG/1)N/606
IERD information exchange requirement document
IETM interactive electronic technical manual
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
IF interface
IFB information for bids
IFB invitation for bidding NACISA USD 23.01.00(93)01
IFB invitation for bids
IFF identification friend/foe
IFL international frequency list
IFOR implementation forces (former Yugoslavia)
IFPL initial flight plan
IFR instrument flight rules
IFRB international frequency radio band
IFREP in flight report net
IGB inter-Germany border
IGES initial graphics exchange specification
IGMP internet group management protocol
IGOSS industry/government open system specification
IGW intergateway
II-codes interrogator - identifier codes
IIH IS to IS Hello PDUs STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
IIO interallied insurance organization
IIP intelligent interface processor
IIS indirektes Identifizierungssystem
IJMS/D4 interim JTIDS message specification ADSIA
ILCEP infrastructure, logistics and civil emergency planning AC/317-N/798
ILS instrument landing system
ILS integrated logistics support
ILSD intermediate level system design STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
ILSP Intergrated Logistic Support Plan
IMF international monetary fund
IMG interim management group
IMP interface message processor
IMRP interrogator modulator reply processor mode S
IMS international military staff
INCA intelligence communications architecture
INF intermediate range nuclear forces FNI
INFOSEC information security
INMARSAT international maritime satellite
INR initial nuclear radiation
INS indirect NICS subscriber NACISA/APD/04.07.00(95)001
INS inertial navigation system
INTB international border
INTELSAT international telecommunications satellite
INTERNET inter network STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
INTNET integrated flight data network
INTREP Intelligence Summary
INTSUM Intelligence Report
INX information exchange
IOC initial operational capability NIDTS TBCE
IoI interrogator of interest
IONL internal organization of the network layer
IOS international organisation for standardisation
IP internet protocol
IP interoperability parameter
IPB Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
IPC industrial planning committee
IPC information processing centre
IPC Initial Planning Conference
IPC Initial Planning Conference
IPM interpersonal message
IPM interpersonal messaging
IPMS interpersonal messaging system
IPO international project office
IPP individual partnership programme
IPPC infrastructure payments and progress committee
IPR intellectual property rights COTS software
IPRB infrastructure project review board
IPRL international profile requirements list
IPS initial processing site
IPS installed performance specification
IPT implementation and policy coordination team NACISC/TSGCE Nov 95 meeting
IPT implementation and policy team AC/317-DS/26
IPT implementation planning team
IPV interactive packet voice STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
IPX INTERNET protocol extended
IRB infrastructure review board
IRBM intermediate range ballistic missile
IRD information resource dictionary system
IRD interface requirements document
IRDS information resource dictionary system data management
IRF immediate reaction forces
IRIS COTS message handling and processing software
IRM information resources management
IRM Integrated Resource Management
IRP infrastructure requirements package
IRR infra-red reflective
IRRB infrastructure requirements review board
IRS installation requirements specification
IRSMC integrating remote system of monitoring and control
IRT interrogation repetition time
IS information system
IS intermediate system
IS international staff
IS international standard ISO
IS interworking services
ISA initial system architecture STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
ISAF Information System Access Facility
ISB improved SHAPE broadcast
ISBN international standard book number
ISC interim system capability
ISC international switching centre
ISCC information system co-ordination committee
ISCG information system coordinating group
ISD information system division
ISDN integrated services digital network STC ISDN orientation symposium
ISEE integrated software engineering environment
ISID IVSN STANAG 5040 interface device
ISIS Integrated Staff Information System
ISIS Integrated Staff Information System
ISLS interrogation path side lobe suppression
ISMO information system management office
ISO international standards organization
ISP information system plan
ISP intelligence support processor
ISP international standard profile
ISP international standardized profiles
ISPABX integrated services PABX STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
ISPBX integrated services private branch exchange NATO HQ comm system
ISPC interim system planning concept
ISPICS ISO standardized profile implementation conformance statement
ISS information system services
ISS information system sub-system
ISS Information Systems Service
ISS Information Systems Service
ISSC integrated software support centre Ex Strong Resolve 95
IST inter switch trunk
ISTC information systems technical experts group
ISU international support unit
ISUP ISDN user part
ISWG information systems working group
IT information technology
ITB integrated testbed
ITC information transfer centre
ITEC improved TNF C2 emergency communications
ITPB information technology policy board
ITSEC information technology security evaluation criteria
ITSEM information technology security evaluation manual
ITSN Italian tri-service network
ITT inter TARE trunk
ITT invitation to tender
ITU international telecommunication union AC/317-N/839
ITU international telecommunication unit
ITU-T ITU - telecommunication standardization sector AC/317-N/839
ITU-TSB ITU - telecomm. standardisation bureau
IU interface unit
IUKADGE AC/317(WG/1)(SG/2)N/183
IVA AC/317(WG/1)(SG/2)N/183
IVB AC/317(WG/1)(SG/2)N/183
IVDLAN integrated voice and data LAN
IVPN international virtual private network N.04.01.00
IVSN NATO initial voice switched network NACISA/APD/04.07.00(95)001
IVUL initial voice user list IVSN
IWG ALSP interface working group
IWHQ interim war headquarter
IWU interworking unit
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