Acronyms Meaning /
UA User Agent ITU-T recommendation X.400
UA User Area
UAC Upper Area Control Center
UAV unmanned air vehivle
UAV unmanned airial vehicle
UCI unite de compte internalional
UD user domain
UDP user data protocol STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
UDP user datagram protocol
UFO UHF follow-on programme
UFV user field verification ACCIS
UHF Ultra High Frequency
UI UNIX international
UIC Unit Identification Code
UIDL user interface definition language
UIMS user interface management system
UISRM user interface system reference model
UKADGE United Kingdom Air Defence Ground Environment
ULA Upper Layer Architecture
ULC US Liaison Cell
UMA unmanned aircraft
UMO Unconventional Military Operation
UMP universal modem programme
UMS Universal Modem System
UMTS universal mobile telecommunications system
UN United Nations
UNCTAD UN Conference on Trade and Development
UNESCO UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
UNHCR UN High Commission for Refugees
UNITER part of RAFFTS with switching and bulk encrypted 2MB links
UNOCHA UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
UNPROFOR UN Protection Force
UNSC UN Security Council
UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply
US TACS US Theater Air Control System
USA United States of America
USD User Service Division
USSP US special programme financial compensation
UTM Universal Trans Mercator
UTP Unshielded Twisted Pair cable
UWS Universal Workstation
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