Acronyms Meaning /
C2 command and control
C2CS command and control communication system
C2G command and control guard
C2IS command and control information system
C2IS command and control information system
C2RA C2 requirements analysis
C2RM command and control resource management
C2RM command and control resource management
C3 command, control and communication outdated
C3 consultation, command and control AC/317-N/798
C3CS C3 communications sub-system
C3I command and control, communications and information
C3MP consultation, command and control master plan
C3SWI C3 sensors and warning installation
C4I command, control, communication, computers and intelligence
CA certification authority
CAA civil aviation authority
CAB contract award board
CAD computer-aided design
CADC corps AD centre
CADIMS coordinated air defense in mutual support
CADRG compressed ARC digitised raster graphics ACE ACCIS core cap specs
CADS concept and design study
CAF conceptual architectural framework
CAI computer assisted instruction
CAI cooperative aircraft identification
CALS computer aided aquisition and logistic support
CALS continous acquisition and life-cycle support
CAM computer-aided manufacturing
CAMPS computer aided message processing system
CAMS core automated maintenance system
CAN Conseil de l'Atlantique Nord
CAOC combined air operations centre
CAOC combined air operations command Ex Strong Resolve 95
CAP combat air patrol
CAP conventional armaments plan
CAPC civil aviation planning committee
CAPCO Capability Package Co-ordinator
CAPS conventional armaments planning system
CAR communications assessment report
CARS CAOC, ACC, RPC, SFP colocated
CAS close air support
CASA computer assisted slot allocation
CASCOM US army combined arms support command (Ft. Lee)
CASE common application servive elements
CASE computer-aided software engineering
CASE Computer Assisted Software Engineering
CASEVAC casualty evacuation
CASO common application standards for OLDI
CASP coordinated air/sea procedures
CAST computed assisted supervision of transport media
CAT computer aided training
CAT crisis action team
CATK counter attack
CATV cable TV
CAWG civil aviation working group
CAX computer aided exercise
CAX computer assisted exercise
CBC civil budget committee
CBC cross border connection
CBL cross border link
CBMS computer based message system
CBN common backbone network
CC CAX centre
CC common criteria
CC control cell
CC/CA congestion control/congestion avoidance STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
CC3 counter C3
CCA conceptual communication area
CCAP CIS contingency assets pool APD 04.05.03 (95)04
CCB configuration control board
CCCS command and control communication system
CCDP communications circiut distribution panel
CCE civil communications element
CCEB combined communication and electronics board NACISA/APD/04.07.00(95)001
CCEB combined communications and electronics board
CCEB common criteria editorial board
CCF centralised computer facility
CCF COA/ACOA computer facility
CCF conceptual civil framework
CCG command and control group
CCI controlled cryptographic item
CCIR consultative committee on international radio AC/317-N/798
CCIRM Collection Coordination and Intelligence Requirements Management
CCIS command and control information system
CCIS Command, Control and Information System
CCITT consultative committee on international telegraphy and telephony See also ITU
CCLF Command of combined land forces
CCMC communications control and management cell
CCMS committee on the challenge of medern society
CCNA Conseil de Cooperation Nord Atlantique
CCO configuration control office
CCP command and control project
CCPC civil communications planning committee
CCR commitment, concurrency and recovery
CCU crypto control unit
CCWA civil communications wartime agency
CCWP CIS co-operation work plan AC/317-N/710
CD committee draft (ISO)
CD ROM Compact Disk - Read Only Memory
CDA computer design activity
CDBS central database system
CDC civil defence committee
CDI conventional defence improvement
CDM conceptual data model
CDMA code division multiple access AC/317(WG/1)(SG/2)N/183
CDNA Comite des Directeurs Nationals de l'Armement CNAD
CDTS computer directional training system
CE control element
CE&C civil engineering and construction
CEAC committee for European airspace co-ordination
CECC civil emergency crisis cell
CEIR civil emergency information room
CELP code excited linear predictive
CELT crypto equipment for low speed telegraph
CEN European committee for standardisation
CENELEC European committee for for electronic standardisation
CENTLANT central sub-area Atlantic
CEOI communications electronic operating instruction
CEP Civil Emergency Planning
CEP Communication Equipment Programme
CEPA common European priority area
CEPAS Crypto Equipment for Packet Switching
CEPC Civil Emergency Planning Committee
CEPMA Central Europe Pipeline Management Agency
CEPO central Europe pipeline office
CEPS central Europe pipeline system
CEPT Conference Europeen des Administrations des Postes et Telecomm.
CEROFF crypto equipment rapid off-line
CERRRS central European recce results reporting system
CF Call Forwarding
CF change field
CF contingency forces
CFB call for bids
CFB central flight plan data bank
CFE conventional forces Europe
CFL cleared flight plan
CFMU central flow management unit
CGI common gateway interface ACE ACCIS core cap specs
CGI common guard interface
CGM computer graphics metafile
CHESS clear header encrytion support system
CHLAHG council high level ad hoc group
CHOD chief of defence
CHOTS corporate HQ office technology system
CI Counter Intelligence
CI&Sy Counter Intelligence and Security
CIC CAOC interface component
CICC College International des Commisaires aux Comptes
CICMA Comite Interdepartemental de Coordination en Matiere d'Armement
CICR Committee on Information Cultural Relation
CIDIN common ICAO data exchange network
CIEG common information exchange glossary
CIG current intelligence group
CIM corporate information management
CIMIC civil military cooperation
CIOB counter intelligence order of battle
CIP communications improvement plan
CIP communications improving plan
CIPD convergence and implementation programme document
CIPS civil international preference scheme
CIR crypto item register
CIR protocol security option
CIS CASE integration services
CIS common interface standard
CIS Commonwealth of independant states
CIS Communication and Information Systems
CIS-ESG COMSEC items register
CISA CIS exercise steering group
CISC complex instruction set computer ACE ACCIS core cap specs
CISCC Communication and Information Systems Co-ordinating Committee
CISCLD Communication and Information Systems Communication Logistics Depot
CISD Communication and Information Systems Division
CISSISG CIS Security Implementation Sub-Group superseded by INFOSEC SC
CISTSG CIS terminology Sub-Group
CIT combined interrogator-transponder
CITIS contractual integrated technical information services
CITSEC common information technology security evaluation criteria
CITWG combat identification technical work group
CIU cryptographic interface unit
CIWG combat identification work group
CJTF Combined Joint Task Force Ex Strong Resolve 95
CL Connectionless
CL Control and Liaison
CL-NS Connectionless Mode Network Service
CLD Communications Logistic Depot
CLF control land forces
CLID Calling Line Identification ISDN access restriction
CLIP Calling Line Identification Presentation
CLNP Connectionless Network Protocol
CLNS connection-less oriented network service
CLS contractor logistic support AC/4(WG29)DS/139
CLSE commander allied forces southeastern Europe
CLTP and m connectionless transport protocol plus multicast STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
CLTS connectionless transport service
CLV combined likelihood vector
CM Comite Militaire See MC
CM Configuration Management
CM Crisis Management
CMAE configuration management administrative element ADSIA mission
CMB Configuration Management Board
CMC Chairman of the Military Committee
CMF Conceptual Military Framework
CMG Coordination Management Group
CMIP common management information protocol
CMIS common mamagement information services
CMIS/P common mamagement information services and protocol
CMIWG current maritime intelligence working group
CMM crisis management manual AC/317-N7798
CMMC common maintenance monitoring and control
CMNS connection mode network service
CMO coverage mission order
CMO crisis management oranisation CAX
CMP configuration management plan
CMPAS Common Manpower Accounting System
CMT coordination management team
CMT crisis management team
CMTP common medium term plan EUROCONTROL
CMW compartment mode workstation ACE ACCIS core cap specs
CMW compartmented mode workstation
CMW compartmented mode workstation
CNAD conference of national armaments directors
CNI communications, navigation and identification
CNIS communication, navigation and identification systems
CNIS communications, navigation and identification systems
CNIS computer and network based information system
CNR Centre National de Renseignements
CNR combat net radio
CO connection-oriented
COA central operating authority OCO
COB collocated operating base
COB Counter Intelligence Order of Battle
COBRA counter battery radar
COC combined operations centre
COE common operating evironment
COE Courses of Events
COEA cost and operational effectiveness analysis
COEC council operations and exercises committee
COFFA certificate of final financial acceptance
COG current operations group crisis time
COI communications of interest
COI community of interest
COIC combat operation intelligence centre
COLOC change of location of command
COLP Connected Line Identification Presentation
COMAIRCENT commander air forces central Europe
COMBALTAP commander Baltic approaches
COMCAOC commander CAOC
COMCEN SHAPE communication center STC TN-155
COMIL coordination centre for military airspace control
COMINT communication intelligence (COMINT+ELINT=SIGINT)
COMNAV communication and navigation aids
COMPUSEC computer security
COMSEC communications security
CONMARCOMMS CONcept of COMMunications in support of MARitime operations MC 377
CONOPS CONcept of OPerationS
CONS connection-oriented network service
CONUS continental US
COOF continuity of operations facility
COOP continuity of operations facility
COP Common Operational Picture
COP Common Operational Picture
COP contingency operation plan
COPE commercial packet encryptor
COPE COTS packet security equipment
COPS common operational performance specification
COPS/CWP common op. performance spec. for controller working position
CORA common operational requirements area
CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture CAX
CORTA operational air traffic control cell
COS Chief of Staff
COS computer operator station
COS corporation for open systems
COSA coordinating and scheduling agency
COSO Concept of System Operation
COSO concept system operation AC/317-N/819
COTP connection oriented transport protocol STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
COTS Commercial-Off-The-Shelf
COTS connection-mode transport service
COTS connection oriented transport service
CP Capability Package
CP Change Proposals
CP cooperation partners
CPC cyclic permutable code STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
CPE circular position error
CPL current flight plan
CPME calibration and performance monitoring equipment
CPND Comite pour les Problemes Nationaux de Defense
CPP communications protocol processor
CPR civilian personell regulation
CR central region
CR coastal radar
CR SDMP central region software development and maintenance procedure
CR SSC central region system support centre
CRAOC central region air operation centre
CRAQS circiut routing automated query system
CRAS central region access system
CRC central region command Ex Strong Resolve 95
CRC control and reporting centre
CRC cyclic redundancy check
CRCLD central region communication logistics depot
CRESP crisis response prototype
CRIAD central region integrated air defence
CRIAP central region initial ACCS programme
CRICS Central Region integrated communications system
CRINCA Central Region integration and communications architecture BICES sub-group
CRIS coastal radar integration system
CRISUG central region information system user group
CRL certificate revocation list AC/317-N/846
CRMCS central RADNET monitoring and control system
CRONOS crisis response operations in open systems AC/317(WG/1)DS/94
CROSSFOX (ACE striking fleet Atlantic command and control system)
CRP circuit restoration priority
CRP control and reporting post
CRSG Central Region signal group
CRT cathode ray tube
CRWG Central Region working group
CS combat support
CS communication sub-system
CSA central supplies agency
CSA close support aircraft
CSAF combat scene of action frequency
CSAR combat search and rescue
CSCE conference on security and cooperation in Europe
CSCS Combat Zone Communication System
CSCS Combat Zone Communication System
CSDN circuit switched data network
CSL coordinated single layer
CSMA/CD carrier sense multiple access/collision detector
CSMNE COMSUBMEDNOREAST Part of former fourth level of the NATO command structure
CSMS counter surprise military system
CSN circuit switched network
CSNI communications systems network interoperability
CSO chief signal officer
CSOT control source operators network
CSP communications support processor
CSPDN circuit switched public data network
CSR communications status report
CSRS Community Security Requirement Statement
CSS communication segment specification
CSS computer service section
CSTG communications systems technical experts group
CSWG communications systems working group Responsibilities assumed by NC3B Sub-structure
CT conferencing tools ( CT=SVC+SVTC+SVMC)
CTAPS Contingency Theatre Air Planning System Ex Strong Resolve 95
CTAPS contingency theatre automated planning system AC/317(WG/1)N/607 Add 5
CTF Commander Task Force
CTG Commander Task Group
CTI crypto telephone instrument
CTP conformance test plan
CTS cosmic top secret C-M(55)15 final
CTSG CIS terminology sub group
CUF common user function
CUG closed user group ISDN access restriction
CUG Closed User Group
CUL CELT user list
CVI code validity interval
CVO code validity overlap
CVSD continuously variable slope delta modulation STC TN-006
CW Call Waiting
CW chemical warfare
CWID combined warrior interoperability demonstrator
CWRD civil works requirement drawings
CZCS Combat Zone Communications System
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