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P Protocol
P (e/F) Probability of an enemy being declared as friend
P (f/F) Probability of a friend being declared as friend
P&I Privleges and Immunities Section
P&P plan and policy division NATO IMS
P&P Precedence and Preemption
P-T-P Point-to-Point
PA Partly ACCs
PA Political Affairs division NATO IS
PABX private automatic branch exchange STC TM-731
PACE packet sized crypto equipment
PAD Packet Assembler/Diassembler
PAD preliminary analysis document
PAD provisional acceptance date
PADP Panel on Air Defence Philosophy
PADW panel on air defence weapons
PAGODA profile allignment group for ODA
PAH Panzerabwehrhubschrauber
PAIS Prototype ACE Intelligence Software
PAIS prototype ACE intelligence system Ex Strong Resolve 95
PALS precision approach and landing systems
PAMCS panel on the airspace management and control system
PAO public affairs office
PAPS Phased Armament Planning System
PARP (PfP) Planning and Review Process
PAS protected aircraft shelter
PAS protection of allied shipping
PAS publicly available standard STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
PASC portable applications standards committee
PAT production acceptance test
PB&Cs Planning Boards & Committees PPC,FAPC,IPC,CAPC,PBOS,CDC,CCPC...
PBEIST Planning Board for European Inland Surface transport
PBOS Planning Board for Ocean Shipping
PC personal computer
PC Political Committee
PC Political Consultation
PCB Program Control Board
PCC partnership coordination cell
PCC Polygone Coordination Center
PCCM political consultation and crisis management
PCI Protocol Control Information
PCIS Portable Common Interface Set
PCM Package Coordination Meeting
PCM pulse code modulated STC TM-731
PCM Pulse Code Modulation
PCMCIA personal computer memory card international association
PCMP Purchaser Coordination Master Plan
PCN private communications network
PCNCEP Political Consultation and NATO Civil Emergency Planning
PCTE portable common tools environment
PCU plan civil d'urgence
PD project definition
PD pulse doppler
PD pulse duration
PDAD Proposed Draft Addendum
PDES product data exchange using STEP
PDISP Proposed Draft International Standardized Profile
PDN Public Data Network
PDNSP Proposed Draft NATO Standardized Profile
PDP peripheral data processor
PDS Programm Development System
PDS project data sheet CP
PDS project design study
PDTR proposed draft technical report
PDU Protocol Data Unit
PE peacetime establishment
PEB Project Evaluation Board
PET Project Evaluation Team
PEX PHIGS extension to X-Windows
PfP Partners for Peace
PfP partnership for peace
PG Project-Group
Ph Physical
PHARE Programme for Harmonized Research in EUROCONTROL
PHIGS programmer's hierarchical interactive graphics system
PhP Physical Protocol
PHQ peace headquarters NACISA USD 23.01.00(93)01
PhS Physical Service
PIA public information advisor
PIC public information committee
PICS Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement
PID Probability of Identification
PIN Personal Identification Number
PIOC Programmable I/O Controller
PIP project implementation plan
PIWG permanent interoperability working group
PIXIT Protocol Implementation Conformance Extra Information
PKI public key infrastructure AC/317-N/846
PKO peace keeping operation
PKS Pixelkoordinatensystem
PLCMB Project Level Configuration Management Board
PLP Packet Level Protocol
PLS Physical Signalling
PLSS precision location strike system
PLV Posterior Likelihood Vector
PM Project Manager
PMD Physical Medium Dependent (Sublayer 1a FDDI)
PME Principal Mission Elements
PMG Program Management Group
PMO project management office
PMP programme management plan
PMSAHG AHG on cooperation in peace-keeping
PMSC political-military steering committee on PfP
PMSTSG PMSC technical sub-group
PNP Private Numbering Plan
PO participating organization STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
PO Personnel Officer
PO private office
PO project officer
POACCS Portuguese air command and control system
POB policy and operations branch
POC point of contact
PODICS Portuguese defence integrated communication system
POMCUS prepositioning of organizational material configured in unit site
POMSS prepositioned organizational material set storage
POP point of presence
POP proof of principles AC/4(WG29)DS/139
POSI Promoting Conference for OSI
POSIX portable OS interface (for computer environments)
POTL participating organization task leader STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
POW programme of work
PP Presentation Protocol
PPC payment and progress committee
PPC petroleum planning committee
PPCG provisional policy coordination group
PPLI Precise Participant Location and Identifier
PPM Page per Minute
PPM Pulse Position Modulation
PPP point to point protocol
PPS precision and positioning system
PPTC point-to-point telegraph centre
PRA Primary Pate Access
PRB priority review board
prENV Draft European Prestandard
PRF pulse repetition frequency RADAR
PRI pulse recurrance interval RADAR
PRM Protocol Reference Model
PRMD Private Management Domains
PROMES project and resource management system
PS Peace Support
PS Presentation Service
PSA procedure de suppression automatique
PSA Provisional Site Acceptance
PSAP Presentation Service Access Point
PSC principal subordinate command
PSDN Packet Switched Data Network
PSF principal staff function
PSF production sharing formula
PSG principal subordinate group
PSLO posteal service liaison officer
PSN packet switched network
PSN Public Switched Network
PSO Peace Support Operation
PSPDN Packet Switched Public Data Network
PSR production sharing report
PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network
PSVP pilot secure voice project
PTA Principal Technical Adviser
PTFS precise time and frequency standard
PTMP project test management plan
PTN Public Telephone Network
PTO primary telecommunications operator STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
PTO Private Telecommunications Operator
PTO public telecommunications operator AC/317-N/798
PTO public telecommunications organization
PTOC Peacetime Operation Center
PTOC Peacetime Operation Center
PTP patch and test panel
PTP Point to Point
PTT post, telegraph and telephone
PU participating unit
PUP pick-up point
PVC Permanent Virtual Circuit
PW pulse width RADAR
PWG Permanent Working Group
PWG Planning Working Group
PWHQ Permanent War Headquarters
PWHQ primary war headquarters
PWP partnership work programme
PIMS PfP information managament system US system
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