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NISP User Information / NISP Introduction / Form to be used for for Change Proposals

This version contains the NISP Volumes 1 - 4 plus the Rationale Document (Volume 5) and annexes (Volume 6) in both html and pdf formats.

For user's convenience in reading pdf files, if not available, a copy of Acrobat reader can be downloaded directly from the internet at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html.

This document has been developed and agreed (AC/322(SC/1-WG/4)N(2010)0002-AS1, 24 Mar 10) by the NATO Open Systems Working Group (NOSWG) under the authority of the NATO Consultation, Command and Control Board (NC3B). Under AC/322-N(2010)0038-AS1, the NATO Consultation, Command and Control Board noted ADatP-34(D) and approved the standards and profiles in Volume 2 as mandatory for use in NATO common funded systems in accordance with the NATO networked C3 Interoperability Policy.

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