1.9. Annex Descriptions

31. The following describes a list of potential optional annexes to be used as needed. The intention of this section is to place all classified and most lengthy information in Annexes so that the main document stays as short as possible. In cases where tables in the main document become quite lengthy, authors may opt to place these tables in Annex D.

32. Annex A - Classified Annex (use only if necessary)

33. Annex A-1 - Profile elements (classified subset)

34. Annex A-2 - (Related) Capability Shortfalls

35. Annex A-3 - (Related) Requirements (classified subset)

36. Annex A-4 - (Related) Force Goals

37. Annex A-5 - other relevant classified content

38. Annex B - Related Architecture Views (most recent)

39. Annex B-1 - Capability Views (NCV)

  • NCV-1, Capability Vision

  • NCV-2, Capability Taxonomy

  • NCV-4, Capability Dependencies

  • NCV-5, Capability to Organizational Deployment Mapping

  • NCV-6, Capability to Operational Activities Mapping

  • NCV-7, Capability to Services Mapping

40. Annex B-2 - Operational Views (NOV)

  • NOV-1, High-Level Operational Concept Description

  • NOV-2, Operational Node Connectivity Description

  • NOV-3, Operational Information Requirements

41. Annex B-3 - Service Views (NSOV)

  • NSOV-1, Service Taxonomy

  • NSOV-2, Service Definitions (Reference from NAR)

  • NSOV-3, Services to Operational Activities Mapping (in conjunction with NCV-5, NCV-6, NCV-7, NSV-5 and NSV-12)

  • Quality of Services metrics for the profiled services

42. Annex B-4 - System Views (NSV)

  • NSV-1, System Interface Description (used to identify Service Interoperability Point (SIOP))

  • NSV-2, Systems Communication Description

  • NSV-2d, Systems Communication Quality Requirements

  • NSV-3, Systems to Systems Matrix

  • NSV-5, Systems Function to Operational Activity Traceability Matrix

  • NSV-7, System Quality Requirements Description

  • NSV-12, Service Provision

43. Annex B-5 - Technical Views (NTV)

  • NTV-1, Technical Standards Profile. Chapter 4 of the NAF Ref (B) provides more specific guidance.

  • NTV-3, Standard Configurations

44. Annex C - Program / Inter-Programme Plans

45. Annex C-1 - (Related) Mid-Term Plan excerpt(s)

46. Annex C-2 - (Related) Programme Plan excerpt(s)

47. Annex D - Other Relevant Supporting Information