Chapter 1. Interoperability Profile Guidance

1.1. Profile Conceptual Background

1. ISO/IEC TR 10000 [2] defines the concept of profiles as a set of one or more base standards and/or International Standardized Profiles, and, where applicable, the identification of chosen classes, conforming subsets, options and parameters of those base standards, or International Standardized Profiles necessary to accomplish a particular function.

2. The NATO C3 Board (C3B) Interoperability Profiles Capability Team (IP CaT) has extended the profile concept to encompass references to NAF architectural views [1], characteristic protocols, implementation options, technical standards, Service Interoperability Points (SIOP), and related profiles.

3. Nothing in this guidance precludes the referencing of National profiles or profiles developed by non-NATO organizations in the NATO Interoperability Standards and Profiles (NISP).