1.2. Purpose of Interoperability Profiles

4. Interoperability Profiles aggregate references to the characteristics of other profiles types to provide a consolidated perspective.

5. Interoperability Profiles identify essential profile elements including Capability Requirements and other NAF architectural views [1], characteristic protocols, implementation options, technical standards, Service Interoperability Points, and the relationship with other profiles such as the system profile to which an application belongs. Interoperability profiles will be incorporated in the NISP for a specified NATO Common Funded System or Capability Package to include descriptions of interfaces to National Systems where appropriate.

6. NATO and Nations use profiles to ensure that all organizations will architect, invest, and implement capabilities in a coordinated way that will ensure interoperability for NATO and the Nations. Interoperability Profiles will provide context and assist or guide information technologists with an approach for building interoperable systems and services to meet required capabilities.