4.2. Request for Change Proposal (RFCP)

27. Request for Changes Proposal (RFCP) to the NISP will be processed by the IP CaT following the process outlined in the Figure 4.1 below:

RFCP Handling Process
Figure 4.1. RFCP Handling Process

28. The primary point of contact for RFCP submission is the IP CaT. RFCPs may be submitted to the IP CaT through a number of channels, including:

  • IP CaT Subject Matter Experts (SME)

  • Strategic Command SMEs;

  • NATO Agencies SMEs;

  • Other NATO or C3 Board substructure SMEs;

  • C3 Board Staff SMEs;

29. Review of RFCPs will be coordinated with the responsible C3 Board substructure organizations where appropriate. In situations, where a timely response is requested by the RFCP submitter, the IP CaT may make its recommendation directly to the C3 Board representatives. The IP CaT Standard Operation Procedures (SoP) contains a detailed description of the RFCP process and the form for submitting RFCPs.