Acronyms Meaning /
A Application
A Army
A&S Armament and Standardisation Division NATO IMS
A/C Air Conditioned
A/C Aircraft
A/C fees Architect/Engineer fees
A/D Analogue to Digital
A/E Airfields Engineering
A/E Architecture & Engineering
A/F Airfield
A/G Air to Ground
A/J Anti-Jamming AC/317(WG/1)N/606
A/N Alphanumeric
A/S Anti Submarine
AA Administrative Assistant
AA Air Armament
AA Air to Air
AAA Anti-Aircraft Artillery
AAA Area Advisory Authority
AABCP Advanced Airborne Command Post
AABF Assembly Area Blocking Force
AABNCP Advanced Airborne National Command Post
AAC ACCS Advisory Committee
AAC aeronautical administrative communications
AAC Alaskan air command
AACATK assembly area counter attacking force
AACC ATAF airspace co-ordination centre
AACE aircraft alerting communications EMP
AACOMS army area communications system
AACS airways and air communications service
AAD advanced ammunition depot
AADC advanced avionics digital computer
AADC area air defence commander
AADCOM army air defence command
AADCP army air defence command post
AADGE ACE air defence ground environment
AADNS automatic air defence notification system
AADSACS army air defence surveillance and control system
AAE aerospace ancillary equipment
AAF allied air forces
AAFCE allied air forces central Europe Ramstein
AAFNE allied air forces northern Europe
AAFS ACE automated financial system
AAFSE allied air forces southern Europe
AAG aeromedical airlift group
AAIG ACE annual infrastructure guidance
AAIP ACE ACCIS implementation plan ACE ACCIS Core Capability specs
AAIS ACE ACCIS implementation strategy ACE ACCIS Core Capability specs
AAISG ACE ACCIS implementation steering group
AAM air to air missile
AAMB AFNW AIS management board
AAMG anti-aircraft machine gun
AAMP ACE ACCIS management plan
AAMS area airspace management system
AAOC anti-aircraft operations centre
AAOC army air operations centre
AAP allied administrative publication
AAR air to air refueling
AAR automatic alternative routing
AAS aeromedical airlift squadron
AAS aerospace application study
AAS architectural ADP system
AASC army automation steering committee
AATA ACE ACCIS Target Architecture
AAW anti-aircraft automatic weapon
AAW Anti Air Warfare
AAWA anti-air warfare area
AAWC anti-air warfare commander
AAWC anti-air warfare coordinator
AB Air Base
AB air burst
AB signal ground RS 232C
ABC atomic, biological and chemical
ABC(NATIONS) America, Britain, Canada
ABCA(NATIONS) America, Britain, Canada, Australia
ABCC airborne command and control communications
ABCCC airborne battlefield command and control centre
ABCCC airborne command, control and communications
ABCCIS air base command and control information system
ABCP airborne command post
ABDR airfield battle damage repair
ABE ALSP broadcast emulator
ABG air base group
ABIR average bit information rate
ABM anti ballistic missile
ABNF ARFA basic notification form (frequency requirement)
ABNOC airborne operations centre
ABUS accepted but uninstalled system STRADIS
ABW air base wing
AC ad hoc committee
AC air combat
AC air control
AC aircraft
AC alliance council
AC armament committee
AC association control
AC2CIS NATO automated command and control CIS
ACA airspace control agency
ACA airspace control authority
ACA arms control agreement
ACA arms control authority
ACAA army concept analysis agency US
ACAS airborne collision avoidance system
ACAS aircraft collision avoidance system
ACBA allied command baltic approaches
ACC air control centre
ACC alternate command centre
ACC alternate control centre (ACCS)
ACC alternate control centre (SATCOM) satellite communication
ACC audio circuit control
ACC automatic code changing
ACCAP ACE CIS Contingency Assets Pool CP 5A0001
ACCB ACE Centralised Communication Budget
ACCHAN Allied Command Channel Part of former command structure
ACCIS Automated Command and Control Information System NACISA USD 23.01.00(93)01
ACCMPS allied command and control message processing system
ACCROS ACE resource optimisation software system
ACCS air command and control system
ACCSA allied communications and computer security agency
ACE allied command Europe
ACEIT automated cost estimating and integrating tool
ACELIP ACE long term infrastructure programme (6 years/detailed infra funding)
ACGE ADP communication gateway element
ACL access control list
ACLANT allied command Atlantic
ACM air combat manoeuver
ACM ALSP common module
ACMP allied configuration management publication
ACMP ATCCIS Configuration Management Plan
ACMS automated control and management system BRASS
ACO airspace control order
ACOC air command operations centre
ACOG agence civile OTAN du temps de guerre NCWA
AComP allied communications publication
ACOS assistant chief of staff
ACP airspace control procedure ACP 127
ACP allied command publication
ACP Allied Communications Procedure
ACP Allied Communications Publication
ACR air control and reporting
ACR RECA air cavalry regiment (recce-reconnaicance)
ACRC alternate control and reporting centre
ACROSS ACE resource optimisation software system
ACS Access Control System
ACS alternate control station
ACS automatic channel selection
ACSE association control service element
ACT architecture consolidation table
ACTICE agency for the coordination of inland transport in central Europe NCWA
ACTIMED agency for the coordination of inland transport in the Mediterranean NCWA
ACTS advanced communications technologies and services
ACU air control unit
ACW air control and warning
AD ACE directive
AD addendum
AD air defence
AD air directive
AD armoured division
ADA NACISA USD 23.01.00(93)01
ADAMS ACE deployment and movement system CP 5A0003
ADatP allied data publication
ADatP-3 Allied Data Publication 3
ADC aeronautical administrative communications
ADC air defence centre
ADCAB AD cross tell and broadcast
ADCF airborne data converter/formatter
ADCIS air defence CIS
ADEF ARFA data exchange format
ADG augmented drafting group
ADG augmented drafting group
ADGE air defence ground environment
ADI application directory
ADLP airborne data link processor
ADLP automatic data link
ADM add and drop multiplexers
ADM advanced development model
ADM(L) atomic demolition munition (location)
ADMD administration management domains
ADO air defence operation
ADOC air defence operations centre
ADOLT air defense operation liasion team
ADP automated data processing
ADP automatic data processing
ADPCM adaptive differential pulse code modulation
ADPG air defence planning group
ADR annual defense review
ADRG ARC digitised raster graphics ACE ACCIS Core Capability specs
ADS air defence ship
ADS architectural design study
ADS automatic dependent surveillance
ADS-B automatic dependent surveillance - broadcast
ADSC air defence software committee
ADSD air defence systems directorate
ADSIA Allied Data Systems Interoperability Agency Responsibilities assumed by NHQC3S/IOB & AC/322(SC/2)
ADSO AIS domain security officer
ADT abstract data types data management
ADTS ACE data transfer service
ADW area defence weapon
ADWG Ad Hoc Working Group for Data Management ADSIA(ADP)-C-007-96
ADX automated data exchange
AE application entity
AE architecture/engineering fees
AEGIS airborne early warning ground integration segment
AEN ACE emergency network
AEP application environment profile AC/317(WG/2)WP/94
AERB ACE exercise review board CP 5A0008
AESS Allied Environmental Support System
AEW Airborne Early Warning
AEWWG air EW working group
AF augmentation force
AFCEA armed forces communications electronics association STC CSNI final report 22/9/95
AFCENT Allied Forces Central Europe Subsumed within AFNORTH
AFI authorrity and format identifier
AFL actual flight plan
AFMED allied forces mediterranean
AFNON Allied Forces North Norway Subsumed within AFNORTH
AFNORTH Allied Forces Northern Europe
AFNW Allied Forces North-West Subsumed within AFNORTH
AFSONOR Allied Forces South Norway
AFSOUTH Allied Forces Southern Europe
AFT application functional profiles
AFTN aeronautical fixed telecommunications network
AGARD advisory group for airspace research and development
AGATHA aggregated ground air theatre level assessment
AGL above ground level
AGS alliance ground surveillance AC/259(SURV)N/21
AHC ACCS hardware committee
AHDG ad hoc drafting group
AHEG ad hoc expert group
AHG ad hoc group APD 04.05.03 (95)04
AHWG ad hoc working group
AHWG-Sec AHWG on security
AI access interface
AI air intercept
AI air interdiction
AI alternative interrogation
AI artificial intelligence
AIA ACE intelligence architecture BICES
AIA aerospace industry association
AIC air information circular
AIC atlantic intelligence command narrow band secure voice
AID allied interoperability database STANAG 4210 Ann E
AID ATCA interoperability database
AIDA air defence and attack model
AIDB ACE Intelligence Database
AIDM ACE Intelligence Data Model BICES
AIDM ACE intelligent data model AC/317/SEC/94/20
AIDMC ACE Intelligence Data Management Concept
AIFS ACE Automated Information Flow System
AIG address indicating group
AIMP ACE Intelligence Management Plan
AIMS ACCS Information Management System
AINCA ACE intelligent communications architecture
AINPS ACE integrated nuclear planning system
AIP aeronautical information publication
AIR annual infrastructure report
AIRCENT air forces central Europe
AIRD ATCCIS information resource dictionary data modelling
AIRS automated infrastructure requirement system
AIS aeronautical information service
AIS automated information system
AIS OA AIS operational authority
AISAP AIS automation panel
AISD advanced informations services demonstration
AISG ADA implementation sub-group
AISI application independent security infrastructure AC/317-N/846
AIT ACE ACCIS integrated testbed
AJ anti-jam(ming) APD 04.05.03 (95)04
ALBE air-land battlefield environment
ALBE Airland Battle Environment
ALCS ACCS logistical support concept
ALE automatic link establishment
ALERTS MNC alert system
ALLA Allied Long Lines Agency Responsibilities assumed by NHQC3S/PRB
ALO air liasion officer
ALOC administrative and logistic operation centre
ALS application layer structure
ALSP aggregate level simulation protocol
AM access module
Am amendment
AM Amplitude Modulation
AMC air mission control
AMC airspace management cell
AMCP alternate missile control post
AMD AA air mobile division
AMDACS adaptive message drafting and creation sub-system
AMF(L) ACE Mobile Force (Land)
AMG architecture management group
AMH automated message handling
AMHS Automated Message Handling System
AMIC ACCS MHQ interface component
AMIS automated management information system
AMMS automated message management system
AMO allied metereologic office
AMOR analysis of mode S radar data
AMPS automated message processing system
AMRAD automatic message routing and distribution
AMSC allied military security code
AMSG allied military security guidelines
AMTS alliance movement and transport system
AMW amphibious warfare
AN access network
ANAD advisor national armament director
ANBw Amt für Nachrichtenwesen der Bundeswehr
ANC air navigation comission
ANCA allied naval communications agency
ANDVT advanced narrow band digital voice terminal
ANSI American national standards institute
AOAD Army organic air defence
AOB Air Order of Battle
AOBS enemy air order of battle
AOC air operations centre
AOC association of old crows
AOCC air operation coordination centre
AOCS attitude and orbit control system APD 04.05.03 (95)04
AOD air operations directive Ex Strong Resolve 95
AOG air operation group
AOI appel d'offre international ICB
AOI area of interest
AOIR ACE Operational Intelligence Requirements
AOIR area of intelligence responsibility narrow band secure voice
AOM apllication OSI management
AOPTI air operations planning and tasking initiative
AOPTS air operations planning and tasking system CAX
AOR Area Of Responsibility
AOTN ACE operational Tg network
AP Allied Publication
AP application process
AP application protocol
APAC ACCS policy avisory committee
APAG Atlantic policy advisory group
APD architecture and plans division
APH ARFA policy handbook
API Application Programme Interface AC/317(WG/2)WP/94
API application programming interface AC/317-N/846
APIC allied press information centre
APIC allied public information centre
APOD airport of debarkation
APOE air port of entry
APP allied procedural publication
APP application portability profile
APQ armaments planning questionnaire
APS alpha profile set NACISA USD 23.01.00(93)01
APSE ADA programming support environment
AQAP Allied Quality Assurance Publication
AQC acquisition centre
AR access router
ARC ACE ACCIS Core Capability specs
ARD application remote database access
ARDS airborne radar demonstration system
ARFA allied radio frequency agency
ARINC activities of aeronautical radio, INC
ARMS air resources management system
ARMS anti-radiation missile
ARRC ACE rapid reaction corps
ARRS air recce reporting system
ARS automatic route selection
ARTAS ATC radar tracker and server
AS application service
AS application support
ASAC all sources analysis centre (Heidelberg)
ASACS air surveillance and control system
ASAF air space activity forecast
ASAP as soon as possible
ASAS ACCS security accreditation strategy
ASAS all sources analysis system
ASAT anti satellite APD 04.05.03 (95)04
ASC ACCS software committee
ASC air space control
ASC American standards committee
ASC area support centre
ASCAP army support combat air patrol
ASCC air standardisation coordination committee
ASCC air support coordination centre
ASCII American standard code for information interchange
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASCON automatic switched comms network
ASCON automatic switched communications network (NL)
ASD aircraft selected data
ASDF Air Simulator and demenstation Facility
ASDF Air Simulator and demenstation Facility
ASDS air situation display system
ASE application system element
ASG AFCENT support group
ASG assistent secretary general AC/317-N/798
ASIM asynchron/synchron interface modem
ASM air-to-surface missile
ASM air space management
ASM anti-ship missile
ASMA Air Staff Management Aid
ASME American society of mechanical engineers
ASN abstract syntax notation
ASO AIS security officer
ASO application service object
ASOC air support operation centre
ASP annual service practice
ASPD ACCS security policy document
ASR airfield surveillance radar
ASS ABC Server Subsystem
ASS AUTODIN switching system
ASSC ACLANT Systems Support Centre
ASSWI anti-sub-surface warning installation
ASTERIX all purpose structured EUROCONTROL radar information exchange
ASU air support unit
ASV aircraft speed vector
ASW anti-submarine warfare Ex Strong Resolve 95
ATAF allied tactical air force
ATBB as to be built
ATBM anti tank ballistic missile
ATC air traffic control
ATCA allied tactical communications agency
ATCC air traffic control centre
ATCCIS Army Tactical CCIS
ATCRBS air traffic control radar beacon system
ATCRU air traffic control radar unit
ATDM asynchronous time division multiplexing
ATE automatic test equipment
ATFM air traffic flow management
ATIS automatic terminal information system
ATLAS air traffic land system
ATM air traffic management
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATN aeronautical telecommunications network
ATO Air Tasking Order Ex Strong Resolve 95
ATOC allied tactical operations centre
ATP ACCS transition plan
ATP allied tactical publication
ATP allied technical publication
ATP application transaction processing
ATS air traffic services
ATSC air traffic services communication
ATTU Atlantic-to-the-Urals
AU access unit
AUI attachment unit interface
AUS ABC User Subsystem
AUTODIN automatic digital information network US
AUTOVON automatic voice network US
AVCN ACE vital comms network
AVI audio visual interactive scriptware
AVT application virtual terminal
AWACS airborne warning and control system
AWCC AIS and WAN control centre
AWCIES ACCS-wide common information exchange standards
AWCS alternate war headquarters communications squadron
AWHQ alternate war headquarters
AWI alert warning indicator
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