Chapter 1. Introduction

1. Volume 2 of the NISP focuses on agreed interoperability standards and profiles.

2. The NISP references Standards from different standardization bodies[1]. In the case of a ratified STANAG, NATO Standardization procedures apply. The NISP only references these STANAG’s without displaying the country-specific reservations. The country-specific reservations can be found in the NATO Standardization Office's NATO Standardization Document Database (NSDD).

3. The Combined Communications Electronics Board (CCEB) nations will use NISP Volume 2 Chapter 3 and Section 3.3 tables to publish the interoperability standards for the CCEB under the provisions of the NATO-CCEB List of Understandings (LoU)[2].

1.1. Scope

4. The scope of this volume includes:

  • Identifying the standards and technologies that are relevant to a service oriented environment,

  • Describing the standards and technologies to support federation.

[1] In case of conflict between any recommended non-NATO standard and relevant NATO standard, the definition of the latter prevails.

[2] References:NATO Letter AC/322(SC/5)L/144 of 18 October 2000, CCEB Letter D/CCEB/WS/1/16 of 9 November 2000, NATO Letter AC/322(SC/5)L/157 of 13 February 2001