1.4. Unassigned standards

9. The following standards have been declared candidate standards for NATO common funded systems. However, no information of how to map the standard to the C3 Taxonomy have been provided.

Title Pubnum Profiles Responsible Party
Undefined Taxonomy Node
Biometric data interchange formats -- Part 14: DNA Data ISO/IEC 19794-6 BSP NCIA
Office Open XML File Formats -- Part 1: Fundamentals and Markup Language Reference ISO/IEC 29500-1 BSP C3B DM CaT
Office Open XML File Formats -- Part 3: Markup Compatibility and Extensibility ISO/IEC 29500-3 BSP C3B DM CaT
Office Open XML File Formats -- Part 4: Transitional Migration Features ISO/IEC 29500-4 BSP C3B DM CaT
Multi-Link Standard Operating Procedures for Tactical Data Systems Employing Link 11, Link 11B, Link 16, IJMS, Link 22 and JREAP NSO-Expected ATDLP-7.33(A)(1) BSP C3B TDL CaT
NATO Qualification Levels for Tactical Data Link Personnel - ATDLP-5.55 Edition A NSO STANAG 5555 Ed 1 BSP C3B TDL CaT
Service Oriented Architecture Modeling Language (SOAML), Version 1.0.1 OMG formal-2012-05-10 BSP NCIA
Trouble Ticket REST API Specification R14.5.1 Interface TM-FORUM TMF621 BSP FMN CPWG
Product Ordering API REST Specification R14.5.1 Interface TM-FORUM TMF622 BSP FMN CPWG
API REST Conformance Guidelines R15.5.1 Standard TM-FORUM TR250 BSP FMN CPWG