Appendix G. Federated Mission Networking Spiral 1.1 Standards Profile

G.1. Introduction

162. This document defines the Standards Profile for Federated Mission Networking (FMN) Spiral 1. FMN Standards Profiles provide a suite of interoperability standards and other standardized profiles for interoperability of selected community of interest services, core services and communications services in a federation of mission networks. It places the required interoperability requirements, standards and specifications in context for FMN Affiliates.

163. FMN Standards Profiles are generic specifications at a logical level. They allow for independent national technical service implementations, without the loss of essential interoperability aspects.

164. FMN is founded on a service-oriented approach. The interoperability standards applicable to these services are identified and specified in line with the NATO C3 Taxonomy.

G.1.1. Disclaimer

165. The information in this document is derived from the Enterprise Mapping (EM) Wiki, a data analysis and enterprise architecture tool based on Semantic MediaWiki technology and hosted by the Technology and Human Factors (THF) Branch at Headquarters Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (HQ SACT).

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