14. STANAG's are managed by the NATO Standardization Office (NSO). NATO STANAG's that are promulgated shall be considered mandatory only for NATO common-funded systems. If NISP references a STANAG, the obligation status for it is only informative. The NSO maintains the obligation status in their own process of standardization.

15. Some older STANAG's combine the agreement and the actual specification into one single document. NISP references the specification part.

16. Some STANAG's and NATO Standards included in the NISP are not yet registered in the NSO database. To indicate this, in the NISP tables the publication number starts with "NSO-Expected" instead of "NSO" and in the index, they are grouped under "NATO Standardization Office (expected in the future)".

17. For some STANAG's, the status in the NISP deviates from the status according to the NSO. For example, the NISP contains mandatory STANAGs that are Superseded or Cancelled according to the NSO. Also the NISP contains candidate STANAGs that are already Promulgated according to the NSO. For those STANAG's, this deviation is documented in a footnote.

18. When a STANAG is not yet Promulgated, this is identified by including "Study" or "RD" (Ratification Draft) in the publication number.