Appendix D. Changes from NISP Version 10 (J) to NISP Version 11 (K)

107. The NISP Version 11 - ADatP-34(K) represents an increased emphasis on C3 Taxonomy Service Nodes. Through concerted effort of the C3B Sub-structure and other stakeholders, 90% of NISP standards are now mapped to applicable Taxonomy Service Nodes. These relationships are highlighted through the new table layout of volumes 2 and 3, showing all standards listed for a given taxonomy node, as well as the responsible committee for its NISP entry and all capability profiles that reference each standard. NISP v11 also introduces the concept of the Base-Standards Profile (BSP), also referred to as the best-practices profile, for all mandated standards that are not part of a specific profile. Major content changes to NISP v11 include:

  • FMN Spiral 2 Profile moved from Candidate (vol 3) to Mandatory (Vol 2)

  • Updated the set of Metadata Binding Profiles

  • 37 RFCs processed. Details of the RFC changes are captured in Section 1.E.